Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 26 -- It is getting warm

Mom and Dad!
Yes I did get my cushions for my shoes! And they are great!  How are you doing? It sounded like you had a good week. So did i! Time just keeps on going by faster and faster. How is Devan doing in track? and Danielle in basketball? I sure do miss ya'll a lot.
Well this week was "crazier than a bed bug" as people here would say. We worked real hard this week and it was great! Made relationships in the ward stronger which is really good. We went out with the stake president and with our ward mission leader. They are great examples to me. We have helped out the Greene's a lot these past few months and they came to church! And Papaw came to church as well! I fasted that they would come to church and Gracie as well. But, Gracie is a whole other story....
The Greene's have been trying to clean up around there house, so they decided to redo their floors and bathroom. It's a hoot. Pretty nuts but definitely a hoot nanny. They thank us so much for helping them.  I think now I am starting to understand why missionaries don't want to stop being a missionary when they go home.
We also helped Brother Bierman out on Tuesday. I don't know if you remember him but Elder Tondevold and I found him through the ward. He was less active for 30 plus years and we started teaching him all the lessons. Now he is very active and hopefully receiving a calling soon! He says that we are his best friends out here. He is kind of lonely which is really sad. He has a BAD back. So we help him move and split wood.  This week we also went down to the Creek and got big ol rocks to put in the bottom of a pond he is building! This is the same thing that Grandpa and I helped Fernie do that last summer! I guess the things I learned back home help out a lot here on my mission.
Last week we went to Ryan's, a restaurant like Golden Corral but way cheaper. We gave a book of mormon to a worker there. He actually came up to us and asked about the book and said" I wish I had one to read" He was so happy to get a book! He said he would call us when he gets back from his vacation to Africa to see his family. I really do hope he will call back so we are able to teach him.
We were volunteering at a nursing home and I saw they had huge pictures of western things like corrals and cowboy stuff. I was just standing in the hall way looking at the picture and a older lady came and asked me how good was the picture.  I told her about the things I did with Grandpa and how I wanted to get more involved in that when I got done with my mission.... and she said mission? Just from looking at a picture of a couple of cowboys led to a discussion in a hallway in a nursing home. Heavenly Father blesses me so much!!!!! It's hard to recognize them all.
Well last night I saw fireflies for the first time!!!! They are so cool! Today we are going fishing with Brother Bierman and then having a BBQ with the Greene's tonight at the lake! Sister Greene said they we are going to get mason jars and catch tons of fire flies. Haha!!!!!!! I will make sure to take lots of pictures. Well I sure love you a ton! And miss you that much as well. I hope you have a great week! Love you much
Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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