Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 21 -- Working with Elder Clark

Mom and Dad,
I am doing pretty good today. My new companion is Elder Clark. And he is from Utah, what a surprise.  I think it is called Herramin. He has been out 3 months and was just in downtown Nashville. What do we have in common?...we are on our missions.. Hah!!!!. It is pretty crazy to think that at the end of this transfer a quarter of my mission is done. Members are shocked when they ask me about it. And you definitely are right about how there are days where it goes by so slow, but for some reason this week went by fast.This week we have been tracting and walking /talking to people. We gave out 5 Book of Mormons and got 2 new investigators. I had a man the other day tell me that the chances of me converting anyone here is the same chance of him converting me to his 1st baptist church. What I have learned from Elder Tondevold has helped me so much with rejection. He used to say when your're feeling down just laugh. I actually picture the times where I laughed the most. I pictures my friends laughing, which makes me laugh haha. You definitely hear some weird things out on your mission. No one said that it was going to be easy. But it is definitely worth it.
That is great that Danielle is playing basketball! I bet she will be good at it. I remember snowboarding with the priest quorum! That was so fun! I didn't really fall all that much though... haha. I think I didn't because I used to skateboard all the time. It's good to hear that grandpa and grandma are doing well. I hope Brandon enjoys being there.  I haven't gotten a letter back from them yet. I really loved the time I spent there and cant wait to help grandpa out again in the future.
I now know why you always told me not to say people are weird, just different. I think that as a missionary your going to have companions that are "different". I just need to keep on doing my best. And I know Heavenly Father will bless me.
This week we went with some Ladies from Relief Society to go see a less active lady in the ward. She lives out in the country, and her house reminds me of grandpa's. They are farmers and show horses. They grow tobacco. It is funny how people say tobacco here. They say "tabaccer" haha. But anyways her boyfriend isn't a member and said that we can come  back anytime! Hopefully we get to go back sometime and teach them! This week were have planned to do service for some members and non members. I love splitting wood and cutting logs up! I'm putting calaces back on my hands haha. But I like service because it is a way to earn the trust of people and to get to know them better and receive referrals.
Well mom and Dad I hope yall are doing great! I am so thankful for all that you do and have done for me. Love you lots!
Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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