Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week 24 -- Looking for the "green" package


I am doing great! How are yall? I haven't gotten the package yet.. But i am sure i will get it today or soon. I am excited to see all the green things! haha. Well this week we worked super hard! Lots of tracting and strreet walking! We got to meet a lot of people! The people here are super nice. They invite you in when your walking give you water or some food. Then they thank you for what we do talking about Jesus. But they wont listen to our message cause they are firm in their belief. But you gotta love them. They are so kind. But It is our job to present it in a way where they can recieve our message and they have the agency to accept it.. Sometimes i feel like agency is the best thing and the worst thing haha.
The tornados were all over the mission. Elder Hyde got permission to call me and he said down in Shelbyville, Tennessee he took a picure of 4 funnels forming!!! It was nuts for him! . It has been sunny for most the week till yesterday. That is when it started to rain. It is good that you don't worry because some mothers, bless their hearts, call president and sister Mckee and worry way to much. The Lord will bless us as we are obedient.
The less active work is going pretty good. But............ Gracie commited to be baptized on the 31st! It was an awesome lesson! I called president McKee and he just starting screaming haha. It was hiliarious! She said she wants to be baptized in the lake I know that my work that I do isn't just for nothing. It is good work that we are doing.
I bet you had a good time in Texas. That restruant sounds really good.. The salt lick haha. The BBQ here are amazing too. They make the best food in the south.
I am glad Grandma is doing good! Haha thats funny what she said. I am one of a kind I guess. When it starts to warm up the business will do much better.
We had our zone conference on Thursday and it was great. I got to talk to President McKee and Elder Tondevold! He said he met Taylor Swift and Tim Mcgraw in downtown Nashville. I dont know if he was kidding or not, but that would be really cool if he did. We did some service for Papaw (Brother Beard). He is awesome! He makes furniture and lots of other out of wood! He was recognized by the President of U.S. He told us to try pepsi and peanuts together. I guess its a southern thing and some say its not that bad actually.
I gave my 4th talk yesterday in sacrament meeting. They called me saturday night and i wrote it in the morning. Very stressing haha. But it went well. They saved me for the last 20 minutes of the meeting. It was a long testimony haha. I hope yall are doing great! I sure do miss you a lot! I love you mom with all my heart! Have A great rest of the week!

Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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