Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 22 -- Made it through the crazy weather

Mom and Dad,
I am fine and we have made it through all the crazy weather.  I AM FINE.  NO NEED TO WORRY!!!!!
This week has gone by so fast and so slow.  Weird huh?  We have probably walked the whole city of Murray now. We don't have a big teaching pool so we have been tracting and street contacting lately.. It is going slow. Not to many new investigators but it is going! I am keeping the hope! We probably gave out 10 Book of Mormons and got maybe 8 new investigators... I just know that we are to learn something this transfer. IT has been difficult.  Elder Hyde has said things about my effort not being what he thinks it should be.  Like President Riggs said in my blessings, pray to love all my companions.  I pray for this every night.  I know that Elder Clark and I are companions for a reason and I will learn something.  We have been trying to get referrals from anyone and everyone but its going kind of slow. But we have been having somewhat success in our less active work.
We were given a list of people that are on the ward roster but don't know who they are. We drove out to the county going towards Tennessee one night... We were driving by these huge fields and saw 3 to 4 houses while driving.. It was pitch black out and we could not see any house numbers.. We drove by this house and got a feeling that this was the house we are looking for.. We got out holding our Book of Mormons and walked up to the porch... praying that a farmer doesn't come out with his shotgun.  
Instead of a big ol farmer with a 12 gage, Out comes an older lady who invites us in. so we go in wondering if this is even the right house and turns out it is! They are a really sweet family! They haven't had members to come see them in years! So they were telling us stories how they used to give missionaries rides and all, so it turns out that they invited us back. I have started to now see that less active work is as important as finding new people..
Oh yeah, Sister Layton, JD's mom, would like you to email her all the emails so she can put my emails in the "dear elder letters she sends out.
That is way cool about Scott and his mission call! I sooooooooo wish I could have been there.  His family has been everywhere on missions! Jamaica is definitely a lot different than Kentucky i bet. 
I know that the ward splitting up is going to be hard but it is for the best. It can be exciting to if you let it be. Grandpa emailed me this week. I was really excited to hear from him. He is getting ready to plant in the green house. Brandon is lucky to be able to help him out. Also Uncle tom emailed me too! His email is exactly what I needed to hear. He talked about getting along with companions and how his mission has helped him out so much. 
I am thankful that I get this chance to serve with my companion even though it is a trial I have to face.   "Head first fearless" right?
But on a serious note Ii have learned a lot and when I humble myself I learn lots. But I know for right now that I am in the place where Ii am supposed to be... Murray Kentucky. AND I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! We are going out to the Greenes again today to do ceramics, cut wood and burn scrap. I picked out this western cowboy statue thing to make. It is pretty neat. I find that splitting wood relieves a lot of stress for me. Going out to those houses in the woods out by the lake humbles me so much. It make me realize and love the work I do. It brings peace to me when we go to the Greene's and have FHE with them. They sure do appreciate it and I will never forget the memories there.
I left my camera at the Greene's so today I am going to get and take pictures with them so you can see them and there place. Well I got to go. I love you with all my heart. I love this quote by Elder Wirthlin "come what may and love it"
Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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