Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 20 -- Transfers ...Elder Clark

Mom and Dad,
I am glad that yall are doing wonderful back home. It brings peace to me to hear that.
So transfers were on Tuesday last week... and i am called to serve in Murray Kentucky for another transfer! haha. But sadly, Elder Hyde is leaving to Shelbyville, Tennessee. He is lucky because that is country with horses! It is the capital of the walking horse!
I am getting Elder Clark who just finished training, who has been out 2 months. So I will be "Greene Bustin" him. At the end of this transfer I will have been here for 6 months! That is a quarter of mission spent in my 1st area! I am glad that I am staying. I guess that just means there is someone here that I have to find.
I am doing great! I did get a little sick two Sunday's ago, but I think it was my allergies. Elder Hyde was sick for most this week, so things were going slow. But it is all good. The work is going good. We are Continuing our service and helping out families. You are right, going out to some of these homes is very humbling. It makes me so grateful for what I have. It is amazing how strong the spirit can be in that house, even though at times it can be crazy. But its a hoot. I love them all. Somehow every time we are out there they talk about marriage haha. And how that I better come back to visit. Sister Greene asks lots of questions about back home I showed them pictures and a few thought I was adopted haha. But sister greene said she can see how we all look a like.
On Saturday mornings form 11 to 1 we volunteer at angels attic, which is like Goodwill but better.  We are the baggers, we bag what people buy. There was this lady, who looked like Dolly Parton, real southern and she came down my lane. She started talking to me then paused and said "are you a Lee?" It took me a second but I remembered I was so I said yes. And she thinks she knows Grandpa or someone. It was pretty cool. She said that I look like i am a Lee. She said Lee boys are handsome, it was a little weird but funny. 
Yesterday my blessing finally came.. A lady who left the church and now is trying to come back has two sons. And she asked me if i would teach her son the lessons so he can be baptized into the church! I know why I am staying one more transfer in Murray. I am so grateful. Hopefully since we will be teaching her son, she will sit in on the lessons and work her way to baptism. I am very excited!
That is sooo cool that President Riggs in going to Washington DC.  Thanks for pictures of the the temple.  The temple looks really cool! That would be sweet if we all go to go to the dedication of the temple as a family. We are going to the temple next Wednesday as a zone. I am excited because that will be my first time going through the Nashville Temple. Well I sent your letters this morning so hopefully you will get them this week. Thank you so much for everything. I love you so much.
Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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