Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 19 -- Working Hard

How are you doing? This week went by way fast! Time is flying.  Iit is pretty crazy how fast it goes. Transfer calls are this Saturday! This transfer went by to fast. My boots are awesome! I am so grateful for them. We go out to the boonies quite a lot now. So my boots will help me a lot.
This week  we started going over to a young couple named Lowell and Montesa. Lowell is a big guy.  I mean big! Lowell is probably like 6'6 360 pounds. And he is pretty dang good at basketball. They are married and less active. We go over there and have bible/book of Mormon studies with them. This week we made goal posters with them! It was good for them. But overall we are doing lots of finding. AND not having much luck. But we are keeping good attitudes and smiles!
Last Monday we went golfing with Brother Greene! It was way fun! The golf course is right next to Kentucky Lake and it is pretty sweet. I'm not good at golf.  Hah!!!!!. But I was playing golf with just backwoods people so I wasn't so bad compared to them. My favorite family in the ward is the Greene's. They are amazing and so humble. Sister Greene's Dad is named Billy (Papaw) and he says I remind him of himself. He gives me advice on marriage whenever I see him.  He is so funny! His house is way out in the backwoods.  Definitely makes me very thankful for where i live.
Looks like the wedding was fun. When Elder Hyde looked at the pictures he said that Devan was a pretty boy.  Haha. Devan knows he is but he also knows that Dad is always watching. More importantly Heavenly Father is always watching. Was Uncle Matt there? Are they going to have a reception in Eagar? Did you get my package i sent too?
Girls camp sounds like it will be fun. I bet you wont sleep at all at Girls camp. This morning I was reading from the General Conference Ensign and I read Elder Alonso's talk about doing the right thing at the right time without delay. That reminded me of when you took aunt Penny and Uncle Mike into your house. And I know that you were blessed for that and that it helped them out a lot. Then Elder Packer's talk to the youth was really good. It was a good feeling, and is important to always remember, when he said that Lucifer would lose. The outcome will never change. I am so grateful for the scriptures and the modern day scriptures we can read everyday. I hope yall are doing great. I took so more pictures. My camera charger works great and my camera works too. Thank you for everything Mom and Dad. I love you so much.
Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins
1. and 2 are of me and Elder Hyde on the side of the road.
3. Papaws house (in the boonies)

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