Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 16 -- Big changes

Good Morning!
I didnt email yesterday because the library was closed. But this last week has been crazy.   Tuesday was transfers and I got Elder Horner. I was with him for 4 days then there was an ET, emergency transfer, in the mission. For some reason President McKee felt like he should send the ET missionary to me.  So on Saturday the assistants drove up took Elder Horner and dropped of Elder Hyde who I am serving with now! But he is so cool! We get along really well. He said he knows that he messed up but is changing his mission around now. So President Mckee has put me with him to help him out with that.
We get along well because as you know, I love rodeos, cowboys and farming country. So does he! He is from Idaho way up north in the corner, and lives on a ranch. His parents moved while he was out and now they own 1600 acres! They run there land as a ranch and for tourists stuff. He has pictures and it is way cool. He is teaching me how to rope and gave me his lassoe! Then yesterday for pday we went to some flea markets and looked for some cool stuff and found old belt buckles! I found a couple but I only bought one. I have to wait and save up some more money till I get more.
Since Elder Tondevold left I needed to get a GPS to find my way through the country and the styx. So I bought one with my home card.... it was expensive. But I am glad I bought it. When we come back I have all the members addreses saved in my gps so we can visit them.  
The work is going alright. I think I am rushing myself and being to hard on myself. But covering two areas is spreading my schedule out. But I know I need to lean on my faith and in the Lord during the hard times. I also get kind of upset at myself because I haven't had any baptisms and the dates we have had all fallen through. But I know my success is not based off baptisms but on my commitment, my obdience and my hard work. I just got to keep on enduring to the end!
On Saturday night, Elder Hyde's first hour in Murray, during a lesson with a part member family, I had to stopped a FIGHT!! We were there for two hours! It was nuts! The dad is from las vegas and the kid he got in a fight with is from las vegas too. I was not expecting to break up fights on my mission but there is a first for everything.
You taught me and continue to teach me so much. Thank you and I love you. So keep on praying for me! I love you with all my heart! I will write more next week and hopefully have more stories. Thank you for the camera charger I am taking more pictures now! So I will try to send some in the next email! Love you!
Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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