Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 15 -- 2012 and a POSSIBLE Transfer

MOM and DAD!
So this is transfer week....... and I am staying in Murray again! I got called to be senior companion and train!! I am excited but way way nervous. I just finished MY training and now I am training. I am training Elder Horner. I haven't met him yet but I will tomorrow. Elder Tondevold got called to be the new Assistant!
With all of these changes I have been in Brentwood, TN.  I will be here until tomorrow evening. Tonight I am staying with the Green Hills elders of Nashville. Elder Adams was trained by Elder T also and he is serving here. He is my brother in mission life! Haha.
FYI...Taylor Swift lives in the Green Hills area so I was just excited to stay here for one night.
I spent Sunday and most of today with the assistants, President Mckee and his family. They are so great. I love the assistants and they are great examples to me and I hope one day I will be a good missionary like them. Elder T and Elder Stringham are teaching 341 pastors and teachers of different faiths! That is just crazy.
Those goals you made for 2011 are really good goals. I should make a running one also.
Elder T and I went running Saturday morning around 6, and I am so out of shape.  I almost threw up like 5 times!  Haha. And the worst part is, is that we only ran like 2 and a half miles. 
That is soooooooo cool that Cody got his call! and Lincoln too! They both will be wonderful Elders...they will be great.
I bet having the family down for Aunt Heidi's wedding will be fun! I wish I could be there for it. Tell her I am writing them letters back and sorry it has been taking a long time. It just gets busy some nights. JD's mom actually asked me to give you her email.  I failed.. sorry, but I'm glad you got together! It will be really neat and exciting to see what all we go through and learn.
Thank you for sending my driving stuff I got cleared on Sunday by president to drive. I actually have to take over two areas, Mayfield and Murray for a while till president tells me to stop. Being senior companion, training, and covering two areas will teach me a lot. President Mckee told me he did this so I can grow and learn a lot, he said that I will learn to get on my knees and pray a lot, lean on the lord in all I do, and lean on my faith. He told me to be bold and brave and he says I will do great. I know that if I am exactly obedient and give my whole heart to the lord and to His work, I will be fine and see the blessings in my life. Like it says in Ether it is only after the trial of my faith that I will receive a witness. I know a lot more now why we go through so many challenges in life. Thank you both for all you do and for how great you are! I love you with all my heart.
FYI...I sent some pictures of the homes in Green Hills....$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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