Friday, January 6, 2012

Week 14 -- Happy New Year

Mom and Dad
So this is my last week of being trained! I am so excited and a little nervous! I kinda want to leave Murray but I also want to stay. But I am hoping that I get a different companion and see how well I do on my own without my trainer. I have confidence in myself because I do pretty good on exchanges but an exchange isn't 6 weeks. I know wherever I go the Lord has called me there and I will give it my all wherever I serve. So this week I went to Nashville for a meeting for the trainee/trainers in the mission. It was really good. President McKee is amazing and I love him. And I love Elders Adams and Stringham! They have so much confidence in me that I will be a great missionary and be a good leader. I am just going to do my best in being an obedient and hard working missionary. I will do whatever I am called to do. Nashville is huge compared to the small towns out in Kentucky. I think serving in a city area would not be as fun as out in the country. I find out on Saturday where I will be going.
We found this store in Murray called Peddler's mall and it is awesome. They have everything... it is like a big pawn shop or flea market. I finally got something for you and Dad for Christmas. On Saturday we went to the LBL and it was so fun! We played football and went walking through the woods around the lake. We got to watch Tangled last night for our zone p day and it was awesome. It made me think of home a lot but it was a fun day. I got a letter from Jamison this week! It was good to hear from him and his stories! He told me he has been bit twice by dogs and was chased by 4  pit bulls. Sounds pretty nuts but kind of funny.
So back to the meeting in Nashville...Elder Stringham pulled me aside after one of the meetings and said thanks for all my inputs and that it helped out these new missionaries, even though I am brand new myself. He told me in the most sincere serious way that I will be a leader of this mission. You will lead this mission he said.  I do not know if I believe him, but I will keep working hard.  These last weeks or months have been so great. These things that Elder Adams and Stringham said make me work harder and harder each day. Elder Stringham said something that President Riggs said in his blessing. It was like word for word what Elder Stringham and President Riggs said. Pretty cool. after the meeting on the way back home we went through Brentwood and they have some crazy huge nice houses! They were really cool. The mission office called and said that I didn't fill out my car driving sheets or they lost them. So if you could send my driving info again to the mission home that would be great. Sorry that you have to go to the DMV again but I would really appreciate if you could do that.
Oh and Johnny moved back home, so he said that he added you on face book so his address should be on there. If not I'll ask him for you and tell you next week. Thank you so much! I love you with all my heart!

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