Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 17 -- My first tornado experience

Well it sure does sound like you had a good week! That's good. Mine was good also. I think it will be a constant struggle through my whole mission. I just feel like I am not experienced to be senior companion of two areas. But I have prayed more than ever this last week. As you said in your email, I too want to humble myself better by leaning on the Lord in everything I do and not just my trials. Well a senior couple came in the mission and they took Mayfield, and to be honest I was kinda of relieved.  It is like an hour drive just to get to the city of Mayfield!
This week two or three people dropped us. I think I let that get to me and I was beating myself up for it. But Elder Tondevold called and he talked with me for a while and he helped me out so much. He truly is my mission dad out here.  HaHa. I am still teaching Gracie, Keanna and Kierra Synagogue, Larry and Barbara, and this non denominational family! So my teaching pool is smaller but I still do my best each day. I finished the Book of Mormon this week! I truly do know and love the Book of Mormon with all my heart!
Tell Brandon to Endure to the end and keep on going. It will be tough at times but the greater reward is after the trial of our faith. Johnny's brother says this quote that i love. "Come What May and Love It." There is a conference talk of that. It is so good.
Not going to lie but that green smoothie sounds so gross haha. My zone leader Elder Dallof said he had a dinner with a family and they had Bologna and relish blended up. That's pretty gross, but that's what some people only can afford here. It makes me realize more and more how important college is! And you do sound like Grandpa reading crazy things and following them haha. I haven't heard from him in a while. How is he? I hope he is doing great.
So yesterday morning... We went to church it was real foggy out and cold. Then after church it wasn't foggy anymore and it was a little warmer probably in the 40's. Then after 4pm the temperature went way up! like to 60 or 65 degrees! And coming from Arizona, I had no idea what was going on. Then it started getting misty outside and stuff. We were at a less active kids house talking and I get this call from Elder Tondevold.  He told me Calloway County, Murray, is under a tornado watch. Then we went outside and it was getting a little windy.. Then SHane, the kid we were teaching, looked up on the Internet the weather reports. So he started telling all his tornado stories and stuff and it made me a little nervous but not much.
We went home right after that cause the wind was starting to pick up. Then inside the apartment we gathered candles, food, water, our letters, and stuff and put them in the bathroom haha. So we waited out laid in bed and watched some church videos. Then around 11 it started to get really windy and hail! Then the tornado sirens went off! We rushed in the bathroom got in the tub! Then i forgot to bring the mattress so Elder Hyde ran got my mattress and put it over us, while laying in the tub  HahaAAAA!!!!!!
20 minutes go by and we get a few calls. But we weren't taking the chance haha. So like around 1230am or 1am we got out and tried to sleep. So i guess it was really bad 5 miles away from, but Mom I am fine and perfect so don't freak out.
Today I am hoping to finally send out my packages and then going out to the Greene's to go fish with Elder Hyde! I am going to have a better week this week and try my hardest in all I do! I love you with all my heart and thank you for all you do. I hope you have a great week and have lots of fun!
Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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