Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 18 -- Library closed...Sorry the email is late

Mom and Dad
Sorry the library was closed till today. So we are emailing today. I did get the camera charger and it works! And i got the package like a couple days ago and the sweatshirt is awesome and fits great!
This last week we have done alot of service. We split wood A LOT OF WOOD, volunteer at a senior home, and at angel's attic which is like Goodwill. But we have been working hard on trying to find new investigators. President Mckee said it would be a challenging transfer when Elder Hyde came and... it has been.haha. BUT... the more humble you are the more you learn and you recognize the small blessings that happen in your life. The work is going but slow. I am not worried about the number of baptisms I will get on my mission.  However, I will get the most out of my mission by working hard each day and being exactly obedient. I think that some missionaries go through different or more challenges than others. I heard that Todd Shumway got a baptism already in Salt Lake and said he set like ten more baptismal dates. I am glad he is having that success. But Elder Hyde and I are focusing on giving our all and not putting ourselves down.
That is nice that they are making that scrapbook for President Riggs. I would say to him thank you for all that he does. Thank you for being a friend to me and my friends. He helped me and the friends throughout high school and helped us come out on missions. He was and is a great example to us.
I have been out a little over four months now! It has gone by fast, and it goes by faster and faster.   We have a guy named Clint that lives in Aurora next to Land Between the Lakes. He is starting to come on exchanges with us a lot now. We are working with him to go on a mission. He is changing a lot and is a great kid.
There hasn't been anymore tornado warnings but it's already starting to warm up here. Yesterday it was 70 degrees and today is a great day outside. My green and grey nike running shoes are my work out and service shoes. I don't really want to ruin my shoes anymore. I am going to need to get some boots. I am wanting to buy some cowboy boots but it might use all my home card I don't know. So if you could sell my ipod or something so  can get money to buy some boots that would be great. That is all that I really need. Thank you so much.  I miss you like crazy and love you lots. Here are some pictures of Elder Hyde, my Belt Buckles I am collecting, and my bike. I finally put it together.  I'll take better pictures this week. Love you.
Elder Vaughn D. Perkins

Elder Hyde and Elder Perkins

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