Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week 27 -- I am transfering to Bowling Green, Kentucky

Hey Dad and Mom!
I got my transfer call on Saturday..................... I am going to Bowling Green Kentucky!! Home of the National Corvette Museum.  I leave tomorrow to Nashville for the transfer meeting and then I'm headed back to Kentucky. My dream  was to go to Tennessee but the Lord wants me in Kentucky. And I am on his time right now and I'm glad I'm going to Bowling Green. Remember Johnny? It's crazy but that is his ward! I'm pretty excited! And my companion... even more crazy... is from where Uncle Jake played high school football! St. John's!! I haven't met him yet but next week I'll tell you about him!
Uncle Jake emailed me this week too! IT was awesome to hear from him! What he said is exactly what I needed. I feel bad because I don't have time to email him today but I will next week for sure!
The weather here is pretty nice too! It sure is getting humid though ha ha. You walk around outside for ten minutes and you are covered in sweat.  I'm excited for summer.
Conference was awesome too. Saturday we watched morning session with the Greene's but then they had to leave.  We walked down the hill to Papaw's..... and no one is home. We didn't have our car and no one was home. We were stranded out in the sticks in between sessions! Haha!!!! It was pretty funny I thought. But a miracle happened. Our phone worked and we got to call Papaw and he told us how to get inside from some back door. So luckily we made it to where we can watch conference.
That is pretty cool about Danielle and Devan doing good in school and in sports. I'm glad they are having fun. I sure do miss football.  To be honest, it is hard to think about it after the way my senior year in football ended. I wish I didn't have all those stupid concussions. Oh well life goes and life is great!
After Sunday morning session, Gracie came, I said my goodbyes to the ward. Some people teared up.  Brother Hightower told me he was going to whoop me for leaving him.  Haha!!! He is an o'l cowboy that has an accent where pillars mean pillows. It is pretty funny. We helped him out this week with tilling his garden so he and his wife can start planting.  Also this week I got to dig these big holes underneath a trailer to put support beams in. LOTS of spiders haha!!!!
It has been a great time here in Murray. I definitely learned sooooo much! And I am excited for my next journey to Bowling Green! Elder Tondevold said that it is country country, and that the Amish have a community out there. I love it.
Well Mom and Dad I sure do love you a lot! And am so thankful for all that you taught me and continue to teach me. I am thankful for all that you do for me. I hope that you have a great week!
Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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