Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 31 -- I will miss President Riggs

I am glad y'all got the package! Y'all are gonna love the Amish country. They seriously are some of the nicest people y'all ever meet. Any who, I am glad that all is well back home. 
Aunt Hope emailed me also! It was really good to hear from her! I haven't seen them in forever. Probably because I stayed with Grandpa last summer during the fire and family reunion. I tell you what,  from what I learned about fencing and stuff, I sure use it a lot out on my mission. People hear that I have farmed and fenced a little then they put me to work.  I do not mind because the outcome is that we get to teach them the gospel. I really do love it.
This week we are hoping to go out and teach at least 3 families Scottsville, the country, and they have cows and lots of land. I am pretty excited! Also this week there is a recent convert in the other ward, Sister Painter, and she has Alpacas!!! Haha!!! And she asked us to come help her sheer them. She asked specifically for me to round them up and wrestle them to the ground. Elder Rothlisberger will have to record it.
This weekend we taught the family from Rwanda. Isack, the man from Rwanda, called and said that he was very happy and excited because his wife wants to be baptized now! So right now we are working with her and hopefully have a date for her by the end of the month. Also there is a sister in the ward who has two brothers that are probably in their 60's or 70's who raise cattle and farm who are wanting to be taught. So here in Bowling Green everything is going great! There is a lot of work to do, which is keeping us busy. And I am very thankful for that.
So remember Johnny? Well Bowling Green 2nd ward is his home ward. He is at BYU Idaho, but his family are probably one of my favorite families to go see. She treats me like Johnny and yells "BOY you better be good!" haha. Bro Jeskie told me that he was going to set up an appointment to get my eyes checked. So this week hopefully I can get that done and I'll tell you what's going on. I am just so thankful for this opportunity to be able to come serve a mission and to have such good family and friend support.
I meet missionaries whose parents are against them coming out on missions and they support themselves. They don't have someone to email besides President McKee on Mondays. It just makes me so happy for my family and friends. I am trying to become a best friend to those who are in need of one. I am learning so much and gaining so much experience that I could never have gotten if I had stayed home. I have learned that little things I do or say have big impact on people. Like sister Booher! She came one random Sunday and I just got transferred into Bowling Green and gave a talk. I was an answer to her prayers and now we are trying to go out and visit her weekly. Well I sure love you all so much and do miss you. But I am more than happy to be here in Kentucky. I hope you have a wonderful week!!
Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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  1. Hi Holly!!
    What a GREAT missionary!! Vaughn sounds FANTASTIC!!! What a CUTE Elder! I am sure you are so very proud of him! I know I am so proud of him!! It is amazing to see these young boys turn into wonderful young men!! I did email Elder Perkins a short note a little while ago but tell him, Connor went to the Temple last week! It was so great to be in the Temple that night with him and Scott!! They all will have a GRAND reunion when they all get home!!