Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 30 -- 6th month Mark

Good Morning!
I am doing just dandy! How are you all? You know it has only gotten to like 83 or 85 degrees here and you sweat like a pig after 5 minutes... And that has only been a couple days. I am looking forward to when it gets warmer. HAHA!!! The work is great! We had the baptism on Saturday! Sister Elnora Brewer. She was so excited we took pictures and I got some printed out. So I will try to send some to y'all soon.
The beginning of the week was great. We went to Mammoth Cave for P-Day. It was pretty cool. It is the largest cave in the world I think. Or that's what the guide said. Then, we had AP interviews on WWednesday which was good. I got to talk to Elder Tondevold and he is just way too funny. He reminds me of Rhett and Conner Then we spent a day with Brother Higdon...... a 79 year old country man who is just a monster. He belonged to the Church of Christ for 30 plus years until he became a member of our church, 34 years ago. So he says he has been a missionary 34 years and will continue till the day he dies. He took us way out in the country close to TTennessee and just pillaged. We got in the car and he had a pile of books of Mormon and said he wasn't going to feed us supper till we had them all passed out.
We went out to the Amish country and talked to the Amish.  We went to the Amish market and got some stuff. The Amish people are way cool. Brother Higdon just goes around telling people that they need the Book of Mormon. He would be driving down a old back road then see some people down yonder and just swerve across the dirt road! Then he would get out and just walk towards the people and start sharing his testimony. But Brother Higdon is just awesome. I hope to continue to progress and strengthen my testimony and faith as I get older and older.
We also are continuing to teach those AAfrican families! They are just so great! They are so humble and happy. It was about time to go and they fed us supper. It was different but I ate it because they sacrificed that for us to eat. It's hard to teach them because we don't speak Swahili and they don't really speak English but it is going better!
There is a lady in the ward who said that she talked with you on facebook? I think her maiden name was Booher... its terrible that i can't think of her name but I will get her name for next week. 
I have noticed that the small and simple things you say to people can mean the most to them. When you bear your testimony simply and strong, the spirit can touch the hearts of everyone in the room. 
I sent a package to y'all today finally. Look for the Amish surprise!!! Well i am so glad that you are doing well. And thank you so much for all the sacrifices that you make. I am so thankful for you and love you very much. I hope you have a great week! Love you lots!
Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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