Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 28 -- Welcome to Bowling Green

Mom and Dad!
My first week in Bowling Green was great! My companion, Elder Rothlisberger is an answer to my many prayers!  He is just great! He works really hard and has a amazing testimony! and he is from St. Johns AZ! We know some of the same people, talk about the things we did up there and talked about all the lakes and stuff.   Its just great. He has heard of Belshe, but he thinks it is because of Uncle Jake and Uncle Matt. He said that wherever they went to play football... that school was good that year.  He's been to Grandma and Grandpa's Dairy Queen a lot.
We are living in the middle of Bowling Green, in an apartment complex. We have part-time car so we switch off each week. Bikes and walking are good for me.  I weighed myself because I thought my pants were getting a little more snug (they are fine) and i weighed 200 pounds on the dot.  When I left the MTC I weighed about 175 pounds. But members wanted me to tell you that they are making sure I eat LOTS of vegetables and fruits. Bless their hearts haha!!!
Drew's baptism sounded really fun! We go to other families and it reminds me sometimes of our families back home. Sister Harrison took a picture of Elder Rothlisberger and I and sent it to y'all. I look pretty tall in the picture for some reason. We went out with Brother Rienhart and Brother Croxall. Brother Rienhart is a professor at WKU and teaches genetics and biology.   He is awesome. He took us to Chinese the first night we went out. He is a favorite. Brother Croxall was in the air force and speaks like 8 different languages and is a spiritual MONSTER! He is always testifying and preaching the gospel... just a great man. My first day, Tuesday, Johnny picked us up took us around Bowling Green and told his mom that we were coming over for dinner. He showed us around his pretty awesome house and land. He leaves for Idaho on Wednesday. I am just glad I got to see him one more time before he leaves.
In Bowling Green their are a lot of refugee families from all over the world. We are teaching a family from Rwanda!! They are awesome! They don't really speak English, they speak Burundi? and Swahili?.... don't know how to spell either of them.. I thought Grandpa would think its cool to teach African families.  I know he really wants to go to Africa on a mission. They came to church yesterday and they loved it.
Well I sure do love you lots. I miss you tons and pray for you all the time. I hope that everything is going great! Have an awesome week!
Love Elder Perkins

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