Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 29 -- First Baptism Date set

Hey Family!
I am doing great! Bowling Green is pretty awesome! It has a bit of everything like the projects, pretty country and the humble hillbilly people at the border of Tennessee. Elder Rothlisberger and I have set a date with an 83 year old lady to be baptized this SSaturday! Her name is Elnora Brewer.  Her daughter, Sister King just got re baptized two weeks before I got here. We also have been teaching two AAfrican refugee families! They are so fun to be around! They are always in a good mood. Elder Tondevold started his mission here and he baptized a man from Rwanda named Isaac. He went through so much in his life. He witnessed his wife and sister being murdered right in front of him in Rwanda. That made me even more thankful for being able to live in the United States. One thing they say a lot is "No problem. No worries." And if you remember on The Lion King they say hakunamatata. It is so fun to be able to teach those families.
We had a fireside last night. It was a Nashville missionary choir fireside. They are doing it all over our mission. It is like a concert where two elders teach a family and then the other missionaries, who volunteer to sing, sing songs that go along with what they are teaching. It was awesome!!! This is one time on my mission where I'll never forget or never deny of what I felt. Then after the fireside we had goodies and the missionaries went around asking for referrals and we got nine referrals! This morning two members called in and said that two people they knew wanted to be taught the lessons and be baptized! I was so shocked, which is bad I know but so thankful. It was a good way to start the p day.
Well mom I am sad to say but my watch and camera were stolen.... I couldn't find it in Murray and I asked Elder Clark to look and ask around but he said it wasn't there.. I am sorry. I am just upset because I had lots of cool pictures on there. Who knows, maybe it will show up one day in Murray. Besides that I am doing great! I hope that you are doing even better! I miss you and love you so much! and am definitely jealous of fishing and camping BUT am so glad that I am out on my mission! I think I can wait a little longer to do that stuff. Love you!
Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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