Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Week 32 - The Alpaca Challenge

I am doing pretty dad gum good! As people say in Kentucky "finer dan frog hair" Haha!!!
This week has been pretty pretty busy.. Lots of work and we didn't have the car this week. But life is great!!! Now I know what humidity is after Tuesday. You sweat by the gallons!!! haha!!!
Mom, my eyes are whacked.  I started getting migraines a couple months ago but it wasn't anything serious.  It is like the surgery before the mission didn't work.  Brother Jeskie was talking to me and he said to come in for an eye exam, and he will tell me what is going on and get me some new glasses.  I just do not the headaches to get bad like before.
This week was a warm one! Monday night we had a little FHE with some members and they invited their friend Cindy! We watched Prophet of the Restoration Joseph Smith. She said it was interesting but of course didn't believe in the Book of Mormon. I asked have you read the Book of Mormon? She said no... But i just don't believe it. Then she said she didn't have one but long story short..... she came to church! It was wonderful.
Then we also have been doing tons of service! Elder Rothlisberger says its the desires of my heart.  Haha. We helped out Sister Painter in the 1st ward with her Alpacas! She has an Alpaca farm. Those Alpacas are the ugliest and meanest things in the world! We got to sheer the fur off them. Elder Rothlisberger cut the hair pretty good. I was the one to put the halter on, move them from place to place and wrestle them to the ground. Haha!!! I got bit, kicked, and spit on haha! I got the Alpaca, that kicked me, back pretty good. I body slammed it because it kept on fighting.  It was pretty funny. Sister Painter really appreciates us coming out and I think we are going back Thursday.
On Saturday we got a call from another lady in 1st ward asking for help cleaning out her barn! The roof had a leak and rotted all the wood in the loft part, and it had collapsed. So we tore wood out and made a huge bon fire. That also will take a couple more service hours till it is complete. Service is probably one of my favorite things to do.
Friday during our weekly planning, we got a phone call. And it was a 480 area code. Elder Rothlisberger was like "this can't be good" Haha!!! We were freaking out thinking something bad has happened. It was a new family who was moving in and was wondering if we could help them move in. It is pretty cool to meet all these people from Arizona.
I hope all is going well! And I can't wait to call yall on Sunday! I am really excited to hear from everyone. Time has flown by so fast since the last time I called. I hope you have a great week and are happy! Thank you for all that you do! Oh!! I got great news! They found my camera back in Murray! So I don't know if you had bought a new one or not. I just thought I should let you know. Love You lots.
Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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  1. Awesome photos! Bet Vaughn never pictured a call to serve looking like this :)