Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 34 -- HUMIDITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am doing wonderful. Elder Rothlisberger is amazing and Bowling Green is a party.
This week was a bike week and service week. I know what humidity is now. We did service for two sisters in the ward. One lady was in the first ward, Sister Polasio. She has a bunch of bunnies and asked us to build something to hold up the cages. So we started to build something like what grandpa has at his house. We did it in a old barn and it was HUMID! In like 5 minutes you sweat 5 gallons haha. But it builds character and discipline.
Then in our ward, there is a lady who Elder Tondevold taught and later got baptized, Sister McDonald. She is a horse lady. She calls them her kids. She found a place to put her horses for a couple months until she finds a farm to lease to put them on. So we helped her fence off a pasture that she is leasing now. I pounded all the t posts since Elder Rothlisberger has a bad back. And I am a wimp. My hands were killing me the day after! We had to finish that night! But it was worth it.
The coolest thing was she had invited her friends to come over for supper the 2nd night we helped and we got to talk with them. Her friend Rick helped us fence and he was asking me lots of questions! I think he was surprised that I was 19 and from Arizona and that I was out in Kentucky for 2 years to talk to random people about the gospel. He really respected that and thought that it was cool.
Then on Wednesday, Brother Higdon had a friend for us to teach, but we helped him around his farm as well. They had electric fence all around. I needed to fill up the bucket with water from the pond and it was on the other side. So I climbed over and got the water and put the water on the other side. Brother Higdon said the fence was on low or off. So I grabbed it and made sure I didn't feel anything.  I started to climb in between the wires then SHOCK! It made me flip through and go like 5 yards forward haha! It hurt but was funny. Then Bro Higdon grabbed the fence told my comp to grab his hand.  I was to grab my comps hand, and me being dumb enough I grabbed his hand and it shocked me again! haha it was crazy.. But after all that we taught the guy who owns the farm Ken Kessler. He is going through alot but had a spiritual lesson out at his house. He really enjoyed it and wants us to come back.
Later on that day we got a call from a less active lady who said her friend wanted to meet us. So we went over and  picked up Sister Boyd and drove where she had told us too. We ended up at a old country side of the road diner. We ate there and taught a killer lesson! He invited us back the next week and hopefully he will be interested! I think the ward is starting to trust us more and more as we go over and talk with them or do service for them and their friends. They are giving us lots of referrals of people to see and less actives to go see with them.
I am glad I get to serve a mission because you learn so much of what not to do and what to do when I go back home. The gospel is what will keep you happy and successful in life. And that family's are very important and need to be centred on Jesus Christ. We run into Baptist and Church Of Christ who just try "do anti us" and make us feel bad. But I feel bad for them because they aren't seeing clearly.
We had people come up to us this week and say "as long as you believe in Jesus you are saved.". "I was saved in 78" "i can drink smoke do whatever and say Jesus is my Savior and be saved". I am just so thankful that I have came to know that the gospel has been restored and know that there is a prophet today.
Well I love you so much! Thanks for putting money in my account! Have a great week!
Love, Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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