Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week 35 -- What a week

I am doing great! How are you? That's good to hear things are going good back home. I bet Devan and Danielle are excited for summer! So am i! I love the summer! It is so pretty here in the summer! Everything is so green! But it also is so humid.. haha. But it builds character! I think that Arizona heat is worse than the heat here. I haven't gotten sunburned one time here and back home within an hour I would be burned!
This week was a good week. We went out with lots of members this week. We went out with Brother Higdon all day on Wednesday and that was good. We got to teach Ken Kessler again. He need some more help on his farm with moving some cows and fencing off a pasture so we did that with him too. That was a hot day!!! haha!!! But I loved it! I think he is starting to understand the gospel more, but he just needs to read from the book of Mormon to receive a witness that its true. So we are working with him on that.
We taught the Websters son Justin again this week. I love going over there and teaching their kids. Its a fun time there. We are going there tonight to teach him again! Last night we had a family home evening with some members. We watched "Prophet of the Restoration" and it was very powerful. They call it the spiritual shotgun movie and its true. Its cool to see how people that we are working with are progressing in the gospel! Sometimes slowly.. .but sometimes slowly is better than not at all or worse going backwards.
On Thursday night I went with a Brother in the ward to two single sisters home out in the country. Sister Wheeler has been a member for a while and Sister McDonald was taught by Elder Tondevlod! Sister McDonald went through the temple for the first time on Saturday. I bet that was an amazing experience for them. She is a very funny lady and loves missionary work!
This week I am going on an exchange with the zone leaders. I am going down to Tennessee in a place called Madison or Goodletsville. Elder Horner said that we are going to stop by a part member family there. The dad is a non member and you'll never guess it.... a body guard for TAYLOR SWIFT! Haha I am pretty excited to go meet him. But I guess there are lots of connections to Taylor Swift in the mission. But that's in Tennessee and I have been in the great land of Kentucky so far in my mission. Well I hope that you start to feel better! And that you have a great week! I sure miss you lots and love you lots.
Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins
P.S. I had to use my home card to buy some groceries this week and last week. But Elder Rothlisberger and I made a money chart thing to keep track and this will help out a lot. Thank You again!

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