Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week 39 -- I am going to Tennessee!!!

I am doing great! Kind of shocked also! We got transfer calls on Saturday and............. My wish has finally came true! I am going to TENNESSEE!!! I got called to Whitewash into McMinville, Tennessee! I am going to serve with Elder Zinkand. Never heard of him or ever seen him but I know we are going to tear it up! So I guess I am just going to continue to follow Elder Tondevold's footsteps. He served in McMinville for 7 and half months! I am so excited. I finally am going to serve in Tennessee after 9 months in great ol Kentucky.
The weather is pretty warm now. But nothing I can't handle. I like the heat to be honest. But when you are walking all the time you sweat quite a bit. But enough complaining.
This week was pretty good. Once again nothing crazy had happened but just a good week. Our baptismal date, Tiffany, had to move her date back. She won't budge on the word of wisdom. Her husband is a member but doesn't act like it at all. He says "If Jesus was here he would party. I bet I could get him drinking. Heck he would get me drinking."
I was so shocked he said that. I just feel awful even telling you that. But we will continue to help them feel the spirit and have a change of heart! So I had to give a short little talk yesterday about what I had learned here in Bowling Green and bear my testimony. I am going to miss Bowling Green because it is just so awesome. Definitely Elder Rothlisberger! What is the chance of serving with someone from Arizona again. Even from a close town. I am still shocked that he is from St. John's.  I also am going to miss Sister McDonald because it was so great to see her improve. Especially that she was taught by Elder Tondevold and she went through the temple. I took pictures at her horse farm so she says I have to write her and send some pictures The Harrison family is so great. I will miss them as well.
I DEFINITELY am going to miss the 4th of July! Make sure to take pictures! Especially of around Grandpa's land and house. And Jill! But I know that I am supposed to be here at this time right now. And that there will be plenty of other 4th of July's.  That's great that Devan has a job! And Sterling sent me a picture of the temple and it looks so cool! I can't wait to go to it when I come back home. TIme is flying though. It is 9 months coming up and in like two more transfers it will be a year! I just hope that I can continue to grow and become more like Jesus Christ each day.
Sometimes we just get so rolling in the motions of missionary work that we forget that we need to DO the things that Christ would do. But more importantly...to become like Jesus Christ. Well Mom and Dad I sure love you lots. Have a great week! Love you lots!
Love your son Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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  1. What a sweet great missionary! What a wonderful letter!! We love Elder Perkins!!Can't wait till all our boys are home!!!! Hugs to you Holly!!!