Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week 38 -- Father's day

Mom and Dad!!!
I am glad you got the picture! Last night was a great time at the Harrison's house! They are definitely one of my favorite families on my mission. Sister Harrison is so funny. She is always doing so much for us. She said "I have an assignment for you before you leave. You have to make your Dad a sign so I can take a picture and send it to him!" She is great. I am glad you like my glasses! And yes, I do wear them all the time. It helps the strain of my eyes so much. But I should have thought about my glasses more, because I could have gotten contacts if I was going to wear them all the time. BUT I love my glasses now! Thank you so much for helping me out!
It sounds like that y'all had a good Father's Day! That sounds pretty cool about that book! I really want to see that! You know I think I got my love of chinese food from Dad. If there ever is a chance we can eat chinese we do! We found a buffet for 6 bucks all day! It's so good. I have so many memories of eating chinese food with Dad. Then there are those many times with Rhett and Conner at China City. Just amazing!!
I am glad that Aunt Heidi found a place! Sounds like a great home! And Perry is a pretty good school. Its probably a really big school now. Oh and dont worry about the package! Y'all do so much for me anyways! Whenever you get the chance no rush. BUT I did take lots of pictures lately! You would be proud of me haha.
Today we went to Sister McDonalds to work. And you will never guess where she works..... A HORSE FARM! It was so cool! It is like my dream place! And we even got to talk to her friend, who owns the farm, and we gave her and her husband a  Book Of Mormon! Pretty exciting!!!  I learned so much about horses and what not. Good stuff to learn for when I go back home. Sister McDonald is so great! She is such a member missionary. It is like the story you were telling me about the lady at your work. One day they will come to church.
So this week was great! No car. Getting hot. Even more humid. Sweatin like a hog in the summer sun. And sharing the gospel! Just delightful!
We had pretty good week with contacting people. But the weird thing is, we got rejected more than excepted.  But they reject us in the kindest way if that's even possible. But I tell you what, putting the miles on your feet and talking with everyone you meet builds your testimony up. And you get so many blessings. The girl we had a baptismal date with has not come to church in two weeks.... So we probably have to extend her date, BUT she will get baptized!
We had an awesome lesson with the family from Africa! The biggest objection they have is that they believe that the true church is in your heart and not on earth. But we are getting closer and closer each time we go over! 
I dont know why or what but I am just happy. Actually I do know why. It is the Gospel Of Jesus Christ. I may not have all these baptisms, but I see the gospel change lives daily. We had stake conference this weekend and a seventy came down. His name was Elder Mund. He talked about 5 Road Blocks from peace:
1-  Not understanding the true doctrine of the Plan Of Salvation
2- "wickedness was never happiness"
3- Expecting Heavenly Father to open the windows of heaven even if we don't do the basics
4- Not having a forgiving nature
5- Hangups anxiety stress depression personal problems
Well mom I love you so so much! I hope that everyone is doing fine. I pray for yall all the time. I am excited to send some of these pictures home! and..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIELLE!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY! Love you much
Love your son Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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