Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Week 41 -- Kidney Stones and Book of Mormons


First! Sorry for taking so long to email! It has been a CRAZY week! To start the story... Friday morning.. I wake up and go to the bathroom.  Then I think I hear something. So I step out in the hallway and hear
"AHHH!" So I run to the bedroom and see Elder Zinkand on the floor, grabbing his side, curled up in a ball. With my mind and body still trying to wake up, I call Sister McKee and try to explain what was
going on as best I could. After the call I gave him a blessing and it lessened the pain.. Days go by...(good song) Sunday night/Monday morning. 1:30 AM. I wake up to "AHHH!" again he is on the floor
grabbing his side! So I call Sister McKee.. no answer.. President McKee.. no answer.. Zone leaders.. no answer.. Then thankfully President McKee calls back. I tell him what was going on and he says
"change into your proselyting clothes and take him to the ER. Make sure to give out B.O.M" So I run and change. Carry him to the car.  Drive and try to find the hospital in this small town and carry him to
the ER and wait until about 5 or 6 am. Turns out he has a Kidney Stone!  I feel so bad for him! So since last Friday we have been imprisoned to our apartment haha. That is why we haven't had the chance to email
till today. And he still hasn't passed the stone but hopefully sometime today he will.

You can imagine this week hasn't been all the eventful.. But a couple days before the whole kidney stone shingdig we had a miracle! We got this referral and turns out like all the info is wrong. But we still try to
go find this guy. The address that we had was pretty good. It took us to the general area of where this guy could live. But it was out in the sticks. But I see this guy down the old dirt road down yonder. So i pull up and ask him if he knows where this address is. He says" that's my house. Oh y'all are the Mormon missionaries! Y'all want to meet at my house or at the church?" There was a Church of Christ building right next to his house. I say "whatever is more comfortable for you"... he chooses the church. So my natural man comes out and in my mind I am thinking he is just going to bible bash with us.. But while walking up to the church I notice he has keys and a quad! Like all the 4 books of scriptures in one. And we had a awesome lesson! He asked a lot of questions which was good. And then at the end of the lesson I invite him to come to church and he says "you know I would love to but, I PREACH at the same time!" I was so shocked! haha so right now we are teaching a Church of Christ preacher. And it is even cooler because he is so sincere about learning more.

I hope you are having an awesome time at Grandma and Grandpa's! I know I sure miss y'all a ton! But I know that I am supposed to be here at this time. And I love Tennessee. I love going
around sharing the gospel. I have learned and gained so much in this short amount of time. I am trying to figure out this whole computer and how to put pictures on it. So sorry if i don't send pictures today
:( but i will figure it out! I sure love you lots mom! Tell everyone hello! Hope you read this soon!

Love Your Son Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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