Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Week 42 -- The Kidney Stone passed


This week was another week just trying to get Elder Zinkand healthy again.... And he is Kidney stone FREE!! We went down to Franklin, Tennessee yesterday and went to the doctors to check on his progress.  I guess his kidney stone had broken up on its own and I guess he passed it without knowing.  He had to get his stent taken out, so the doctor had us come back later that day to do that operation. They took the stent out when Elder Zinkand was awake! But the cool thing is, he taught a 1st lesson while he was getting the stent out! Such a Stud! I was laughing so hard when Sister McKee came out telling me that he taught a 1st during the operation. Pretty sweet.

So we are teaching a girl named Amanda Perry. She is engaged to the Stake President's son! Some pressure haha!!!! But the stake president son is less active... So it's hard to have her understand commandments when her fiance is not keeping them. But we are making progress! It is way cool to teach her because she is so sincere! We meet with her twice a week. Since she is a single girl we have to teach her at a park by the river! It's pretty cool. But this week we are going to focus a lot on part member families and less active! There
I love the rain! I really do miss the rain so much! Rain here is different... I cant' really explain it. Its just not the same thunderstorms or lightning storms we have back home.  Actually last night there was a thunderstorm and i just sat there looking out the screen door pondering about life hahaha. It is so relaxing though. But I will always keep working hard out in this Tennessee summer sun and sweat till my shirt goes yellow! Yes, it happens.. It's pretty ronchy.
The town is pretty small. In Tennessee there are TONS of factories!  The people are pretty nice, just the Church Of Christ preachers are nuts... When preachers try to tear down my testimony and beliefs, it only strengthen my testimony. They read through the Book Of Mormon looking for faults and errors. Ways to prove me wrong. But they don't recieve a witness because they don't have faith or real intent. 2 nephi 29! But I need to be Christlike and have patience with them.
The ward is awesome. Lots of really nice people. I do look skinny! I have lost weight. I am around 190 195 right now. But I can't go lift, so I do the best I can in the morning with my push ups ha. I sure miss yall a lot. I miss grandma and grandpa a lot too. I love them so much, How is brandon doing? I hope he is doing better. I think I will write him a letter soon. 

My life is great right now. Learning a lot! I just feel good and tired all the time haha. A mission is spiritual exhausting haha. But it is dad gum worth it. I love it. I love waking up everyday and putting that tag on. I am so thankful I have this chance to serve the Lord! In all reality, I try to do my best each day, get 6 inches better, leave it all out with no regrets and soak in this experience and the things I learn as much as I can. I sure miss yall and love yall so much! Have an awesome week!

Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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