Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week 43 --- Bike crashes and HUMIDITY

Hey Mom and Dad!

I am doing pretty good! McMinnville is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO humid now! But still is great. Yesterday we got to teach Elders Quorum and that went pretty well. I think this week was a lesson learner for me. I am just doing my best each day and giving it my all to the Lord.
Amanda Perry is still doing okay. She is just trying to adjust to a "Mormon life". But slowly and surely she will accept the gospel. We weren't able to have a meeting with her this week because her ex husband and stuff is just causing chaos. But the gospel is true....
A week or so ago we were walking back to our apartment complex, and this lady was sitting on the stairs and she said I need to meet with y'all. We started talking and set up an appointment for this week. We went over there and had a pretty interesting but awesome experience! We set a baptismal date for August 4th! She is so excited to be baptized too. Her name is Diana Mccray. Elder Tondevold taught her but she said she just fell away for a bit but now she is back. She came to church yesterday and she loved it! The ward members treated her and her kids so well, the primary president placed her kids into the right classes. It was pretty legit.
We started our "Less Active" Exodus and it is slow going ha. We are also visiting recent converts and talking with their friends so hopefully we will be able to start teaching them.
Funny story....One day we had been biking ALL day and it was way humid, and we were on our way back home for supper and my companion ate the pavement hard! He was riding behind me and he tried to go in between a trash can and pole and his tire hit the grass. So then it slipped and he smacked the pavement! I felt bad but now it is pretty funny, and he really didn't hurt himself. He got pretty lucky.
We had interviews this week and it was great to talk with President and Sister McKee one on one. They both said that I am doing great and have changed alot since I came out ALMOST a year ago! Its crazy! But anyways I talked to him about how I have been happy, and how I understand why I am put with certain companions. And President McKee told me he puts me with companions that are difficult on purpose.  I know it teaches me a lot. We also talked about how I have only had the opportunity to teach and baptize one lady in 10 months. He said that success isn't based on how many baptisms I have. Its my commitment.. but I already knew that. It just gets on my minds sometimes.  It is good to hear it from the President.  I am grateful for all my many blessings and for what I have been able to do as a missionary.

Devan will have a good experience at football camp. Probably one of the hardest things I have done but it taught me a lot. That is way cool about your missionary experience! I know sometimes people say that want to do things but certain things hold them back. That's when we tell them the blessings that come from obedience. But I know you are doing great. 

I know! I will turn 20 in almost a month! It is crazy! it seriously feels like I just turned 19.. and then a month after that I will have been out a year.. Too crazy. I will just have to work harder this next year! I know I can and I have learned so much in so little time. Well I hope y'all have a great time in California. Make sure to take pictures! And I will do my best to keep on taking pictures! I love you so much and miss you tons. Have a great week!

Love you so much!
Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

A Tennessee hot and humid summer day as a missionary... haha i know i look ridiculous

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