Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Week 47 -- News from Elder Tondevold

Mom and Dad!!!

How are you doing?? This week has been great! I had my birthday and Michael got baptized! It was a awesome week. Well to start off, I went on exchanges with the District Leader from Murfreesboro.  We taught a flippin sweet lesson to a family! Their name is the Norris family. The Norris' family lives next door to the Deals, who are members in our ward. They are awesome. We taught them about the Book of Mormon. Mr. Norris sure liked it.  I think Mrs. Norris did, but we have a set appointment with them this Thursday!
Then their is a recent convert family named the Taylors. I might have told you about them but they are way sweet. Their year mark is coming up and they are so excited to go through the temple to get sealed for time and all eternity! Brother Taylor hasn't received the Melchizedek priesthood yet and he had asked me to give his 3 children  blessings before they started school. My mission has taught me so much on how important and sacred the priesthood is in our lives. I am so thankful that I have the opportunity and trust to have the priesthood and use it everyday to help people. I also had the chance to confirm Michael a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was a great experience. 

We did some biking, lots of walking, and  had a couple of exchanges which was really nice. We visited some less actives and some that haven't been to church since before I was born!! We helped a lady move in our ward and we went with Bro Smith who raises cattle and goats. He drove my dream truck...a stick diesel older dodge and he was pulling a cattle trailer.  We filled that whole trailer with furniture and more furniture. It was a move. But really fun to ride in a pick up. Kind of reminded me of riding with grandpa.   
Oh and I got Elder Tondevold's wedding invitation! He is getting married way fast! haha

Thank you so much for the birthday package!! It was great! I still have tons of junk food left over to eat.  I LOVE the shirt grandpa and grandma gave me. Thank you for the ties and white shirts. I really needed them.  The birthday card was awesome! I totally loved it.  I started laughing so hard when I opened it up. Elder Whitney said that the card fit me perfectly.  Their is a less active family that we go visit and they had a birthday party for Brother Cain on the 30th so they invited us since it was my birthday.  It great to be with members on my bday. There are sister missionaries in McMinnville too and they made me a poster, cookies, bought me a batman ball and some other things. That was pretty nice of them to do that for me. We also had a ward activity Saturday night and Elder Whitney had told someone that it was my bday so they sang happy birthday to me. It was really funny. 

This week hopefully will be great! I am glad to hear that Devan did a good job Friday night! I thought about him Friday night.  It is weird to think that a year ago I was getting ready to leave for the MTC... Time is going by faster now. But I have a long time to learn a lot more and do a lot more for these amazing people in Tennessee! I hope that everything is going great back home. I sure love yall so much and miss you tons. I am so thankful for all that you do for me. I really do feel your prayers during hard times and that is a big motivation and helper to me on my mission. Sure love yall. Take care!

Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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