Friday, October 19, 2012

Week 54 -- Work and the Cumberland Caverns

Mom and Dad!
Elder Brewer and I are doing great! Super tired all the time but it is a great feeling! The work is going!  I think the only sweet missionary story for this week is that it’s been wicked cold and rainy.  We still have been obedient and have gone out and worked.   One day we did not have anything scheduled so we decided we would go to the projects, because there are always people you can talk to there.   Once we got there, there was NO ONE outside because it was FREEZING COLD!  Haha!!!!!  I mean not a single person in the whole neighborhood.  We decided to go one more block down and there we met a young girl named Angela! She is probably a little older than us and said she hasn’t been to church for years but wants to go back! This week we are going over to go teach her and then commit her to baptism! It is going to be awesome!
We finally got in touch with the Phillips and they said "yeah you guys need to come over so our kids can get baptized!"   We are going over there this week to teach them the rest of the lessons and commit them to baptism.  We met this family, The Blair's, at the fair.  They own a motorsport shop. We started going over to their shop and then to their house and now they are asking us to help them with some booths for a center and around their land! They need help with their horses and bailing hay and stacking it in the barn.  It is my favorite thing to do! I LOVE SERVICE! It is so amazing to see how such small things turn into miracles.  Just by helping them around they gain more trust in us and start to see the happiness in us.   Hopefully they will start to ask more questions about the church and then come to church! They are an awesome family! Mrs. Blair is always checking up on us seeing if we are safe and have food... And she isn't even a member! She said where we lived was sketchy and asked if she could have missionaries stay in her home!  Mrs. Blair is sooooo cool. We also have another lady we are starting to teach.  Brother Creighton found out that she needed wood for the winter so he gave her all the wood he had saved up for two years! It was a lot!   That was just so amazing to me to see how Brother Creighton gave her the wood he had saved up without even a pause. He heard she needed wood for the winter and he automatically was there to help her. I hope to be like brother Creighton automatically willing to help those in need.
Today we are going to the jail to visit this guy I had taught like 4 months ago. His name is Ryan. He was so legit we took him to the stake president’s house and he said that he knew this church was true, but then fell away like a week later.   He got thumped pretty bad in Jail.  He said that God put him in jail to humble him and realize that what we were teaching him is true and that he needs to stay on the straight and narrow! So hopefully our visit today will be good!
Yesterday we went to Cumberland Caverns. It's this big cave and we went with some members on a tour. It was pretty cool, my camera didn't work all that well in there but I took some pictures. Then after that we painted a lady's house out in the country with Brother Creighton. She lives in the prettiest place in McMinnville. And she raises cows. She was surprised that young boys like us were willing to help her. So today we hope to be able to teach her a little bit. OH! And guess what?? Elder Kristofferson is coming here in a couple weeks! And then Elder Perkins, the one who spoke in general conference, the week after!

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