Friday, October 19, 2012

Week 52 -- ONE FULL YEAR

Mom and Dad,
Well I am happy! And Elder Brewer is happy!  Both working hard and loving the work. BUT it’s just coming along slowly.  We have been dead tired all the time, but we have the energy to do everything that the Lord wants us to do. This week wasn't anything special. Just another week as a missionary.
Well we didn’t set dates with Trenady and Caleb. We still need to do a follow up visit with them. It’s just hard because they are foster kids and stuff and I don’t know much about it... It’s just different I reckon.  On Sunday we had to go up to Lebanon, Tennessee. It was Elder Brewer’s old area. That place is pretty cool. It is just a small city in the middle of no where.
It was raining hard core though this weekend. And it has been getting chilly lately. It is so weird to see fall come again.  Its starting to get overcast most of the days and getting darker early.. People keep telling me I am on my downhill from now.. It is kind of sad to hear. I still feel like a greenie that has no idea what they are doing... But it’s all good. I just pray everyday that i can do the Lord's will and that i may be an instrument in his hands.
Sad thing happened this week. Diana picked up smoking again.... Her husband found out that he has skin cancer. She is going through a hard time. But we try to go over everyday and read with her. We are doing a stop smoking workshop with her.  On the positive side, we found an older lady who lives with her brother, they were telling us how they want to quit smoking.... and we were like hey we teach a class about stop smoking! So we are teaching a lady named Yvonne and her brother Steve.. They didn’t make it to church.. But they will this week. This week we are going to the temple!! Actually tomorrow we are! Then we have interviews and zone meeting in the same day! Pretty busy week this week.
We went over to Bro. Smith's house today to do service for him. IT was SOOOOOO fun! We went around checking up on his cattle and goats;  feeding and moving them around. He taught me a lot today.  He is 73 and has over a 100 acres of land with over 100 head of cattle and plus 75 goats. He is boss. His son (who is a non member) raises horses and sells them. Bro Smith took us to his farm and introduced us and showed us around his farm. It was way sweet. He has 45 horses and grows crops. Bro Smith is trying to get him to take the lessons.  We are going to try and go do some SERVICE and get to be his friend and share the gospel that way.
I love service! And I love being a missionary!!! It is the best in the world! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! Mom I love you so much. You do so much for me. And I love the rest of y’all. Thank you for your support and your prayers.  But thanks for Conner’s address! I hope that y’all have a great week! Love y’all mucho! Take care and be safe.
Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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