Friday, October 19, 2012

Week 53 -- Interviews with President McKee

Mom and Dad,
This weekend was pretty good! We got to see all sessions of General Conference at different members homes. Saturday we went to the Deal's home and watched both sessions. In between sessions we mowed his lawn and we went over to see a family just to uplift them. Then Saturday night we went to priesthood session. And then we went to the Hoyle's on Sunday! It was great to spend time with members.  But it was kind of sad because Joel and Anna didn’t watch any sessions.  Michael came to morning session on Sunday and Diana said she watched it on her computer.
Right now we are working with our recent converts because they are struggling pretty badly.  It is really sad to see all of this happening. Especially since I can’t make them do anything.  In spite of all of that, Life is great! I love being a missionary! My favorite talk would have to be President Uchtdorf's talk Saturday morning. I loved how he talked about how WE determine OUR happiness and how happiness comes through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He said to enjoy the moment and not look back and have regrets. It was kind of like how you were talking about how Devan can leave right after he graduates. And how life goes by so fast and Don’t blink. That song is great. One of my favorites. President Uchtdorf said to enjoy the journey. It was just what I needed.
Well this week has been pretty slow as well. We had meetings all day Thursday and we went to the temple on Wednesday! It was awesome! I can’t wait to go whenever I want when I come home.  Jamison is talking about having temple Tuesdays with wings.  It will be fun. Thursday we had zone meeting and interviews here in McMinnville.   Interviews were great. President McKee talked a lot about my last companion.  He said he was surprised on how well I did with him and how I changed him a bit. He said that I will go through more of that to finish off my last year!   
It is good that I go through hard times. It makes me stronger and firmer in my obedience and commitment to my mission. I love it! He also told me that I will probably be here a while longer and that I have done a great job in white washing this area.  
He said "Elder Perkins don’t be afraid to baptize in big numbers.. Miracles are going to happen here soon.  In a couple weeks I will call you and tell you more. But for right now keep being obedient and working hard. You will find families. I know it."
I am still shocked.  I don’t know what exactly is going to happen. But he said that he is talking to the leadership in this stake and something big is going to happen in a couple weeks! I am excited!
I can’t believe y’all got a dog!  That's so cool! Thor is a pretty cool name. I remember Dad telling me he was going to name me Thor and I didn't like that.  But now I like the name.  Is he a boxer?  Pretty sweet. That's funny that he was on a farm.
I am so grateful for you and dad and all that y’all do for me. I am so excited about my mission. More than ever. Time is sure picking up and I don’t want to "blink" and have regrets. Thank you again. I sure love you mom. Y’all take care!
Love,  Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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