Friday, October 19, 2012

Week 50 -- What a great week

Mom and Dad!!!
The work has been.... going! This whole week we have been at the fair every night trying to spread the gospel to all of Warren County! It has been pretty fun actually. There were lots of different things going on during that week. We got to contact people at a dairy cattle show, beef cattle show, and a horse show. It was pretty cool to talk to all these ol farmers and share the gospel with them. They even thought it was even cooler when I told them that I want to raise cattle and horses. I think and have learned that contacting is the best way to talk to them.  Talk to them as if you are already friends. Then you are not some repetitive robot that has no feelings. I really do hope that all of our efforts work out for the best. Hopefully we will be able to hear back from all the people we talked too. This transfer will be a really good one! I can just feel it in my bones. The elder's quorum president gave us a list of 63 Elders that are on the records that don’t come to church. So we will be starting that. Also this last week I had the chance to talk to the Relief Society president, High Priest quorum, and the Bishop and his counselors and we are getting referrals and help from all of them! And a really cool thing too is that the stake president lives in our ward and we have been starting to work with him a lot! He actually called today and said that this transfer he wants to work on bringing people into his own home so they can feel the spirit strong and have Book of Mormon studies. So all of my efforts to stay exactly obedient are paying off! I love my mission!
I am so glad that Devan is beginning to feel better! I have been praying lots for him. I hope he gets back to his best health when he plays nasty Higley! It is hard to sit out but health comes first. I bet that was neat to see all them at the game! I didn't know that Nick got home already. I knew it was soon. That is exciting. Nick was and is a great example to me. The weather is changing, just more cloudy and pretty days. Sunday was beautiful. It was perfect Tennessee weather. All the farmers and true Tennesseans were saying now this is Tennessee weather. Today we went to the Pennington Family for lunch out in Rock Island, Tennessee and he drove to Rock Island state park and we got to take some pictures. He said this transfer that we would go hiking through the park one P day. I am pretty excited about that. 
I have learned soooo much out here in Tennessee and Kentucky. That is pretty funny that Jill keeps getting out. I remember when Grandpa had that bull and those horses and they would get out a lot. I am seriously stoked about this. Thank you for finding those cleats. The members keep telling me to ask you to get my cleats so we can play football, so thank you I will tell them that. Thank you for the money as well! It's good to have back up emergency. Thank you for all that you do mom. It seriously helps me out so much. I feel your prayers and I know that that helps out me a lot to get through my days. I have learned so much this past year and so excited for this next year. I LOVE MY MISSION! I love how I choose to have good attitudes and to be happy! Y’all take care and be safe! Love ya!
Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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