Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 3...Part 3 of 3

Hi Dad and Mom!. 

First, I love you so much!  Thanks for everything!!! Well you are probably wondering about my first Area.  Well I am serving with my companion/trainer Elder Todevold.  He is so cool!  He is from Saskatchewan, Canada.  He is so cool.  He wants to work hard and have fun!  I am very lucky to have him as a companion. 
I am currently in small town called Murray Kentucky.  It is soooo cool!! It is 15 minutes from the border of Tennessee.  It is so amazing and beautiful here.  Lots and Lots and Lots of trees.  And acres and acres of land everywhere.  The leaves are starting to turn all color of red, orange and yellow.  There are no mountains here but lots of hills.  There is a place that you should look up.  It is called "The Land between the Lakes".  It is beautiful.  It is a place we will go to when you and Mom come back with me after my mission.

Today we had a district meeting in Paris.  Paris Tennessee that is..haha!!!! We ate a sweet restaurant called "Knott's Landing." They are well known for catfish, frog legs and other seafood. I had a cheeseburger and fries!!!!  The burger was as good as HO DADS in San Diego.

I just love the accents here.  I wish to obtain one!  HAHA!!! Today we met with the Bishop and his family.  They fed us dinner which was pretty good.  It was salad and some kind of soup...but I ate it.  Down here food is like a religion to people and I have heard that the cooking is amazing.  I can hardly wait!  Tomorrow and Lady named Karla James invited us over for dinner and for us to give her a lesson.

Ok, back to the bishop...He has asked me to speak in church this Sunday.  You called it Dad.  Two crazy things have already happened.  First, last night Elder Todevold and I went street contacting from six to nine.  It was pouring rain so we wore out jackets.  We talked or attempted to talk to with three different people.  One lady ran inside when we introduced ourselves, one closed the garage door on us and this big guy said "I am Southern Baptist.  I love Jesus and I am saved boys!  Good night."  I learned that like 70% or more of the people here are Baptist.

Today was my first time going knocking on doors.  We got rejected several times until we met a guy who was Arabic, Cambodian and Ore.  He said we could come back tomorrow and share our message with him.  I am so excited.  As we were headed back to our car, and guy came running down his driveway yelling, "The devil will rise!  Satan lives!  He then said *&^$%(@%&@(&$*!  My companion just laughed and waved.

I then went home and read this talk by Bruce R. McConkie called "I am called of God" or "How great is my calling."  Then I read 3Nephi 12:11-12.  Read that.  That is an awesome scripture.  After reading the talk and the scripture I know the Jesus and Heavenly Father are proud of me.  I may not be persecuted like Joseph SMith, but will suffer a small amount here.  But I know with all my heart that I am called of God to fulfill his work in the South.  One other talk you should read...A vision of the South by Spencer W. Kimball.  It is great as well.

My PDay is Monday and I will send you an email then as well.  I love and miss you all so much and promise that pictures are coming.

Love Elder Vaughn D. Perkins

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