Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vaughn's Departure

We left for the airport at about 5:15am.  It was the longest ride in the car that I can remember.  Vaughn's short life played in my mind as I sat in the back seat and watched him talk to his dad.  I could remember the day we brought him home, when he was baptised, when he got his Eagle.  How do you let your son go knowing that you will only be able to hear his voice 4 times in the next two years?  How do you know that he will be OK.  Right then and there a feeling of peace came over me like nothing that I have ever felt in my life and the following words came to me...He will be fine.  Do not fear.  He is doing the work of the Lord and he will be blessed for it.  After that the fear went away.  There was still some sadness at the thought of not seeing him for two years, but that I could live with.  He is such a great young man.  He has lots to learn but I know he will be a great missionary.  I have included a few pictures at the airport.  Some sad faces, but mostly happy for a young man whose had made such a great choice to serve.  We love you so much Vaughn. 

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