Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 2

Well I arrived to the MTC safely!!! Uncle Steve even got to sneak in a few pictures.  Uncle Steve looks a lot like you Dad.  And Kelly was so nice.  She asked a lot of questions, and you know me. HA HA.  She told me that she would bring me cookies and send me food while I am here.  We drove by our old house and that was cool.  The Mountains are HUGE and very pretty!  You were right Dad!  Every SUnday we get to talk a walk around the Temple.  I'll make sure to take pictures.

The MTC is humbling at time but very Spiritual.  The days are so long but great.  Our first GYM time is tomorrow.  And they have a weight room!  So I hope Elder Huffaker wants to lift.  Elder Huffaker is my first companion, and his great.  He looks Like Devan.  Tall and Dark.  His smile is the same as Devan's.  He got called to District Leader tonight.  I am excited for him.  We have two zone leaders who are awesome.  Elder Graziano and Elder Werner.

Well President Whetten said to make the letter short.  But my P-Day is on Wednesday so I'll email again.  I love you all and miss you sooooo much.


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