Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week 5 -- Happy Halloween

Mom and Dad,

I am doing so much better this week! Today we are doing exchanges so hopefully the mail will get to our apartment before i leave! I am going to Mayfield Kentucky for a day or two and will be with Elder Barnes. He definitely is very different, but I know this is going to be a great experience for me. I am really excited to go there cause that's a real small town and the Elders live out in the country with a family. They live in this small apartment above there garage.
Our stake conference is this weekend and its out in Paducah. SSaturday we got invited to go to "biscuits and blue grass" haha. Its the ward mission leader up in Paducah and we will have breakfast while listening to blue grass music. Then we go geo cashing, I'm sure it will be fun.
We are teaching this older lady named Gracie and she is looking for an answer for why her grandson had died so young and that he was so close to Christ. She isn't a member but she knows about the Book of Mormon and other stuff.  Last night we were teaching her and we had decided that she is not going to progress if she doesn't have a goal. Elder Tondevold read Alma 34: the last four verses.  It is talking about the fruit of the tree and that's our goal. We said "Gracie one day you will face Jesus Christ and he will wrap his arms around you then he will step to the side and you will see Miles, her grandson, and you will get to live with him forever."  Now she is a strong, not taking any crap, woman, and she started to cry and the spirit was so strong. to be honest I started to tear up to. That definitely was my favorite lesson so far.
I will definitely pray for Mr. Simms.  You know what you might want to do, invite the missionaries over to his house and have you and dad or Brother and Sister Montgomery go to the lessons with him.  I really think that would help and having a member there makes it more spiritual!
It rains once or twice a week, but it does get cold. BUT I LIKE IT BETTER THAN THE HEAT!!!  I think today I am getting another blanket at the store.  Oh and I hope my stories are entertaining cause everyday I see something very interesting.  HaHa. Well I've got two stories to tell you...
First.. we went to some little backwoods group of houses trying to find a less active person who started going back to church. He lives in this super old trailer but he nailed wood around it so it looks like a house. It was pretty weird. The inside was nuts. There were no lights but a big tv with Dish.  There were posters of mythical creatures and scary things everywhere, next to what I guessed are pictures of his family. We went in and I went to sit on his couch, and my bumm hit the floor; so I bounced right back up.  I looked and there was a huge hole in the couch; it was basically a frame of the couch. But I love Brother Barbeau.  Definitely going to all these crazy places makes me realize how important college and how lucky we are as a family.  
Second... we went to a real small town called Hardin and went tracting. We knocked on this guys house and he came out and after we introduced ourselves he said he has been looking for a church to go to because he's trying to turn his life around.   He was an alcoholic and drug addict, but recently sobered up. He wishes he would have been religious like his family because he knows that Jesus Christ can help him.. so we taught him about the life of Jesus Christ, the Atonement and the Book of Mormon on his front porch.   Then the spirit had told me to tell about Uncle Craig, but I was being dumb and saying that's personal and so I didn't. But in my studies every time we talk of him i get the feeling to tell him. So tomorrow I'm going to bring it up if the spirit tells me too. When you have a personal story to tell the investigator it is so much more powerful and the spirit is so much stronger also. So hopefully it will touch his heart and he will act on our message and accept our invitations to church and baptism.
You are so right.  I am so blessed to have the friends I had through high school.  We had kept each other in line and did our best to do what is right.  Well i hope today I'll get your package! Oh...I took some sweet pictures of places where we walked and knocked doors! I'll print them out today and send them to you with my letter.
I love you so much and thank you for all you do.
Elder Perkins

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