Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week 6 -- A GREAT Stake Conference

Dad and Mom,

Stake conference was pretty awesome! President and Sister Mckee came up to conference, the mission president and his wife. He seriously has high hopes for me. and the assistant, Elder Adams, he's from Gilbert, AZ too, said that he's heard good news about me and to keep up my hard work. I pray everyday that I can have the strength to give it my all and so far its working. Biscuits and Bluegrass got cancelled.. but hopefully I'll get to serve in Paducah so I can go to that. The members of the stake are awesome they are so nice! I met so many members.

Yeah I've been to Paducah Kentucky like 4 times i think so far. It is so pretty, There definitely are more hillbilly villages out there. The locals call those boonies! HahH.  Next time I'll try to take a picture of the boonies. I was only in Mayfield from last Monday night to about Wednesday afternoon. That is a very small town, but lots of country houses, farms and ranches. And they're really sweet and cheap!

I guess in Kentucky you don't have to have tags to go hunting because a less active member in Mayfield said he killed a deer out in his land. Lots of people have there own ponds. That would be pretty cool if Grandpa got to fill his pond.

Could you call Tami, Rhett's mom, and get his address from him and ask JD's and Jamison's parents for their addresses. That stinks for JD I really hope he recovers fast from his surgery.

Gracie is so awesome! The spirit is so strong that every time we come over.  We all cry.   But for some reason she is holding back. I know that she will come around and want to  be baptized. She actually was interested in coming to church with us this week so I hope she will come!

Elder Barnes was super different. I don't say weird cause you said that was rude to say so i'll say different. He just talked about how he's a ladies man at college and out in the field.  He wants to be a marshal cause he is all bad. He called me to passive and said football was for pansies, while he played a stupid instrument on the field at half times.  But surprisingly I just laughed and said whatever. Sometimes he does get close to crossing that line,  but Elder Tondevold just says some missionaries are just like that and are very prideful.   I'm so lucky to be with Elder Tondevold he teaches me so much everyday.

I got a letter from Conner but not from Scott. There are these flea markets here so I'm gonna look for belt buckles! I don't know what to get Dad for his birthday, I was gonna look at this country home store thing but I don't know. I'm gonna send him something with a Confederate flag wrapped around it!! HaHa. There are confederate flags everywhere and all the missionaries collect different ones. I'm gonna start.

Well I love you so much, and in your letters back tell me some suggestions for his birthday.

Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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  1. It was fun spending time with Vaughn at Bill and Susan's before he left!! Sounds like all is going well for him! What a fun way to share his experiences with everyone :)