Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 7 -- Happy Birthday Dad

MOM and DAD!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want you to know that I love you so much! And that you are the man I want to become when I am older. I hope I will be exactly like you when I have a family on my own.
I am honestly doing my best in everything I do. Missionary work is harder than those 115 degree days in pads during football. I definitely did not think it would be this hard but it is the most rewarding thing I've done in my whole life. Every day I feel like I'm growing up to be a better man. But Dad I will always be that same boy who you see, a young boy with bright red hair who would mess with Devan while you watched us when mom was at work. I will always be the boy who you taught how to become a man, discipline, hard work, love for my family and friends but most importantly the gospel. I love you for that and am forever indebted to you.
I am excited to hear about Thanksgiving at home! I really did enjoy having thanksgiving with all our family together. We got invited to Charlie and Whitney's for thanksgiving. Its actually Whitney's mom whose cooking but they invited us and they make great southern food. Did I tell you about how I ate squirrel?   Well its kind of funny.  We didn't even know till after we ate it.  This guy who made this chili put squirrel and deer meat in the chili and it was actually pretty good!   haha   The same guy is going to make us snapping turtle soon.
I am glad to hear about your goal for missionary work! One thing that the stake here told the members to do is to carry a book of Mormon in your car or in you purse so you can always be ready to give one out if the opportunity happens.
Thank you for getting those addresses! I haven't heard from JD or Jamison since they left, and I was still living with Grandpa and Grandma and the last time I wrote Rhett was right before I left to the MTC. I wrote Grandma and Grandpa this week. Hopefully they will get it soon! 
Johnny Jeskie is like my best friend now. He's 22 but didn't serve a mission.  He regrets it so much but he's actually meeting with President Okuda (Paducka Stake President) about serving now! He said since he's been going out with us he has thought alot about a mission and now is actually thinking about going!
My P-days so far are pretty fun! Today we are going to a funeral instead of having our p day.. its quite sad but we need to go to Sister Mathis funeral. Then after that we are going to the boonies to the Greene's! I love that family...they are so entertaining. On Saturday we watched 17 miracles with them and I think that's my favorite movie now. You guys need to watch that movie!   I almost cried during it, its about the pioneers and these 17 miracles that are true.   Its amazing.
The are some many different religions here in Murray.  There are Baptists, Church Of Christ, Methodists, Catholics, Church Of God, JWs, Pentecostal, and others.  Baptists and Church of Christ are the big ones in Murray. They are so nice and funny. We get invited all the time to go to their church.  We actually have gone to The 1st Baptist church and a Catholic church and it was interesting. 
I hope you are doing great mom and am thankful for everything you do for me. You were the best mom I could ever have and will have for eternal life. I love that quote you wrote me it is such a uplifting quote! and that scripture in 1 John 4... my new favorite scripture is the one above that talking about pure love casteth out fear. I love you with all my heart!
Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins
PS i think ill just send my memory card to you when i write you back this week.  i collected some leaves for you! so ill send that to this week!

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