Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Week 10 -- Times are Tough...but we are keeping the faith

Hey Mom and Dad!
I'm doing pretty good. How are you? I am surviving the cold and rain, but it does kill my knee, shoulder, and elbow. I'm becoming like you Dad with all these injuries. It's been pouring rain for two days non stop. It snowed last Tuesday! i got pictures too! Sorry to hear that yall have been sick lately. That is never fun. I do want you to watch this LDS movie! It is called 17 miracles! it is the coolest just amazing movie about pioneers. I think Dad would love that movie.
Johnny Jeskie, my new best friend, is becoming more and more of a brother to me. He sent you and Dad a letter i think Friday night. I don't know if you think that's weird but i guess he just wanted to write you and dad about something. I think its about how I've helped him change his life around. So i think it would be really nice if you would write him back, but you don't have too. His parents are way nice, and they love me and I've met them like once. We are getting permission to go to his parents house in Bowling Green to spend a P Day there. Its going to be really fun. his dad is an Optometrist and that's what Johnny is going to be. I guess his parents want to give us a little fake Christmas tree to put in our apartment, that's nice of them.
Elder Tondevold and I are going to make Christmas cards, with our pictures. and we have a pretty cool idea, so hopefully we will get that done soon. 
Elder T and I are doing great work in Murray.  Here is a rundown of our investigators.
--Jerry who had a baptism date got anti from a baptist preacher... He dropped us.
--Gracie..... called us during church and said she knows what we teach her is true and she needs to go to church, BUT doesn't want to right now. so she dropped us also.
So this week has been kind of frustrating but it's just a trial we have to face. We cant force people to accept that gospel, that would be taking away their agency which is not what we do.
--BUT we still are teaching Lisa and she loves the BOM, which is good.
--And still teaching Karen and Raymond, the farmer, which is really good.
A zone conference is usually once a transfer. and a transfer is like 6 weeks. I did not have to transfer this week. Yes!!!  
well i love you so much and pray for you everyday. If you could send me an old pair of my basketball shoes and my football shirts that would be awesome. thank you so much!
Love Elder Vaughn Perkins

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