Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Week 11 -- Not feeling too well

Mom and Dad,

I love getting your emails.  It's my favorite thing ever! I am doing good. I was pretty sick this week and stayed in the apartment Friday and Saturday. I think I had the flu but I am feeling much better! Sister Nicols made me soup and Brother Labaron, the ward mission leader, brought food, and the bishop called a lot. But I was so excited to get out of the apartment and go spread the gospel!

Yeah i did lose my camera charger.. I prayed about it, and I got my answer. I remember at the MTC Elder McFadden found a charger on the ground in our room. And I was dumb and didn't check if it was mine. So after praying about finding my charger that vision of that came to my head haha. But I'll send a letter out today telling you what kind it is and all.

Well went to go see Jerry this week and he said he would pray about the Book of Mormon. He has told us this before.  He has great intentions but doesn't understand it all yet. And still haven't heard from Gracie. Then Karen and Raymond we didn't get to see this week since I was sick on Friday.But I think they will eventually come around and be baptized. So of right now we don't have any baptism dates but soon we will!

I saw the pictures Danielle sent me of the tree on dad's car! That was pretty funny.  I miss having a real tree. But I love the tree you sent! We put it on the table in our front room. It's great thank you! Sounds like your Christmas Party was fun. We have our ward  Christmas party this Saturday. I am excited for that. The members here make some interesting food... We have a dinner appointment this week and we are having Possum.. I have no idea what to expect.  Haha. And turn em greens? I heard those were just gross. But you eat what is on your plate. I think I am more excited to say that I have eaten possum, for the experience, rather than the taste haha.

One thing that I have started to do now is when spiritual things happen in my life, I write it down in my journal. When it talks about we are to be judged out of the books of life written in heaven and the book written on earth. I think the book written on earth has somewhat to deal with our journals. It is amazing what the spirit does for you. That's is so cool for Cody! I remember sending my papers in when I was in school! and Conner wrote me this week and he said he was excited to start them next week! I'm glad you got Johnny's letter. He is such a good guy. He really is trying to change his life around, which he has. I know that we have helped him out so much, and I have gotten to be really good friends with him. Thank you for sending the shirts and shoes! I hope to get them soon! I love you so much and miss you a lot!

Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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