Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Week 12 - Its almost Christmas!!!

Mom and Dad,
This email will be very short since we will be talking on Sunday.  I was planning on calling you at 11 30.. and I am allowed to do it between 11 30 to 1 30.. But 11 is 9 for you. so if i call at 11 30 here that should be 9 30 for you and we could talk for like an hour and 20 min.. Hopefully that makes sense! Thank you for sending a package for me! I will be on an exchange in Paris from today till Thursday morning. So I will just tell Elder T to put it in my closet when it comes.
I know that I will like my presents. Dad, I got your b day present like a month ago but haven’t sent it. I am trying to get Christmas presents for yall today. But they might not get there on time. But eventually they will!
That's cool about Trevor! I don't remember that girl's name but I am sure she is nice. Trevor was a very good example to me when I was younger and still is. Thank him for me.
       I have been working on my patience so much these last couple weeks. My companion has been bugging me pretty bad lately. He tries to see how close he can get before I snap. But I don’t snap at people. So, I just try to kill him with love. I know and have seen missionaries who lower their standards to there companion’s. It does affect them and makes there mission a waste of time.
And I did cut my own hair.. It was a failure haha. I basically buzzed my head. and on the back were lines and what not. But this next time I will do much better at cutting my hair. As you know my hair is very important to me... haha. I got an email from Rhett! I am so glad I got it! I miss him so much! And I sent a letter to Jamison on Monday last week. I hope he got it and is doing well. I am going to write JD tonight and send it tomorrow. I got letters from his mom, they were emails to his family back home. It sounds like he is doing well.
So you'll never guess what happened this week... Gracie came to church! And she loved it! We stopped by Friday night to tell her to come to the Christmas party on Saturday, and she came. Then on Sunday she came to church! It was great! Then on Wednesday till Friday morning I was on an exchange with Elder Heeb. He is the zone leader of the Paducah zone. He was great and taught me so much. He said that I am going to do great work and will be a leader of this mission. So the Mission President, elder T, and the zone leaders have real high hopes for me.
But time flies when you are on your mission. Every missionary says it goes by way to fast. That's why we are to be exactly obedient so we won’t miss a thing. I have noticed what you taught me in high school so much lately! I am progressively becoming a man and preparing for my life ahead and as a father. Preach my gospel and elders of the church have said missions are the MTC of life. They are to prepare you to be fathers and to keep strong in the church. I thank you so much for what you have taught me in my life. I love you and cant wait to talk to yall on Sunday.
Keep remembering the true meaning of Christmas. You definitely taught Devan, Danielle, and I the true meaning. Love you lots.
Love Elder Vaughn Dee  Perkins

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