Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Week 61 - Exchanges and Great Blessings

Hey mom!

It definitely is a great morning when I read emails! I am doing just great! Elder Ahokava is a stud and just great! The work is good! The district is wonderful! And exchanges were amazing! First missionary work
So the beginning of last week went pretty well. We met with Aubrey twice and it went great.. The first time we saw her we wanted to set a baptismal date with her that morning. We were going to see her after supper that day, so all day we thought and prepared to teach a awesome spiritual powerhouse lesson with her! We went over and within the first 10 minutes she said that she was ready to be baptized! It was crazy! It was exactly what we had role played that morning in our studies! And after she had said that Elder Ahokava and looked at each other just in shock. We were truly blessed for that experience.
Then the next day we had district meeting here in Columbia. That went well, I always love district meetings. Then we switched and I went to the Linden area for a couple days with Elder Thayne! Elder Thayne was trained by Elder Rothlisberger so we talked about him a lot. But the Linden area is like an hour away from Columbia, so we stopped on the way in a small town called Holenwald.   That is where the Cane Creek Massacre took place. The Cane Creek Massacre is where the mobs killed those two missionaries back in the day. But don’t worry we only got dirty looks and rejections.  It was kind of cool to preach the gospel in a place where there has been some history there.
But after working there we finished our road trip back to there town where they live, Parsons Tennessee. Parsons is way cool! It is super backwoods out in the sticks area.  The elders there actually live in a Trailer! It is pretty cool.  They live out in the woods too. It was like camping almost. But the work there is kind of hard or different since everything is so spread out. And the people there hate Mormons. But it's all good. The good news needs to go everywhere! We met with a Church of Christ preacher who "taught" us about the Melchizedek priesthood and just a bunch of crazy stuff. 
On the exchange I wanted to focus on contacting and it turned out that it was more on effort, obedience, and confidence. The elder is way sincere and is a great kid, just hard on himself. But the exchange had helped both of us out! I learned a lot from him and I am sure he learned a lot from me.
The next big thing that happened this week was we met with another part member family, who we had role played for in companion study, and the same thing that had happened.  It was waaaay sweet! We talked about freedom of religion and how we need to take advantage and have more gratitude for the things we have. He served in Vietnam and has a lot of bad memories there... He feels like he can’t be forgiven for things he has done. He is hard on himself and doesn’t want other people to go through what he has gone through.. But it was definitely one of those times where the spirit just carries you to bear hardcore testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ and His Atonement. It touched his heart.  He is a nice guy, because he is always encouraging us about this work and always thanking us for what we do. Hopefully he will come to church this next week.
We drove down to Mt. Pleasant to see the Morrows! They are awesome family. Sister Morrow has got to be like in her 80's and her husband is home bound. So we try to visit them and the family each weekend and tell them how the work goes and stuff. I love the old country people and their stories. Then yesterday for dinner (lunch) we went to the Nobles and had some interesting Mexican food.  it was way good but I have no idea what was in it. Then after that we went to the Bradford's, an active family in the ward, and we went with the Van hooks there. The Van hooks are Sister Bradford’s parents. We had a party for Sister Van hooks birthday and two of her kids, who are less active, came. They just wanted us to be there with the family. They are a nice family. After supper we watched the Christmas Devotional. It definitely is always a blessing to hear the first presidency speak! I love how president Monson said "true love is a reflection of Christ"! This week was great! And we got to go to the Farmer's market this week for supper!
 Tell Devan to email me when he has the time please!  I am glad you like the pictures. I am trying to take pictures more often. The picture next to the car was our car by the way. We got in an accident last week, but as you can see we are fine.  I sure love y’all so much! I can’t believe how fast time is flying! Rhett goes home this month... That is weird. But I guess that just means I got to use my time wisely and kill it this week! I love being a missionary with all my heart! I love everything about it!  I am so glad I gone through the trials I have, because that is what has made me stronger. I love my mission! I love you mom and Dad! Hope you have a wonderful week! Stay safe! Love Ya!
 Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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