Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Week 60 -- Elder Ahokava's first Thanksgiving

Mom and Dad,

Oh man this week has gone by fast! The exchange with Elder Lofthouse went pretty well! Learned a lot from that Elder. Thanksgiving was great! It was Elder Ahokava's first Thanksgiving so it was pretty fun. We didn't get to play football though.. But its alright its freezing now!!! It was like 35 degrees the other morning. Super chilly, but it will build character. So for thanksgiving we went to the Draper's, He is our ward mission leader, and that was good. Then we went to a part member family, The Jordan family. They are really nice people. They don't have much, but they fed us a lot. And gave us a lot to take home. I am glad thanksgiving went well. Thanksgiving at grandpa's sounds so fun. It will be great.

The championship game sounded intense. What a way to end the game.  I still don't remember much of when our team played state... I wish i did but that's okay. I can't believe it is almost Christmas. Elder Ahokava says this is his first cold Christmas. In New Zealand they have Christmas during summer, so his family goes to the beach on Christmas. 
Time is picking up. It is pretty wild. I still have the tree y'all sent last year and then I got the package this week and have the new tree. It definitely makes the apartment have the Christmas spirit. Thank you for the letters as well. They were awesome. 

So the work is starting to pick up. Yesterday at church, I felt so happy to be a missionary at this time. We had 3 in active families come to church! Then one part member family came as well! It was so great to see the hard work come to play on Sunday. Just to see that those people felt the spirit and they were smiling throughout all church made this whole transfer. It was amazing.
We went by two older couples home this weekend. The Travis's and the Morrow's. The Travis' live way out in the sticks. I love it. Their home reminds me of grandma and grandpa's a lot. Just the feel of it reminded me of them. He was telling me all about his farming days and hunting days. It was great. We got to share a spiritual thought with them about doing the "small and simple things" that which makes us happy. They really liked it. Then the Morrow's are awesome as well. We try to see them one night a week. They love having the missionaries over. Well i hope y'all have a great week! I sure love y'all! This week will be a great week! I love my mission so much! Y'all be safe!

Love Elder Vaughn Perkins

P.S. Hey could Y'all pray for sister McKee, she is pretty sick but nothing to worry about. That would be great.

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