Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Week 58 -- the Ward is working hard

I am doing great!! I finally am over my sickness!! I feel so so so much better! Last week was a interesting week! I was pretty dang sick wednesday.. Just crazy beans. But after wednesday it was pretty good! We are teaching lots of Part member families and less actives. It is pretty sweet how much work there is to do here. There are two ladies that are getting closer to baptism. Aubrey Clarke and Jessica Avalos. Aubrey had her birthday on Sunday, so we were wondering if she was going to come to church or not.... And she did! For the full 3 hours!! And the best part is that she made best friends with the relief society president and a few other ladies! The Relief Society president kind of just took her away from us after sacrament haha. Which is fine by us! Jessica hasn't come to church... Mainly because her husband is in active... But he wants to make changes inhis life too! So last night we went over after having an awesome pday in Franklin, and we had supper at their house and after had a super sweeet spirit lead lesson! So at first we ask if she had any questions about her reading in the book of mormon since last time.. she says no.. But as soon as i start to go over what we were going to talk about, she comes out with some great questions! Which lead to the Plan of Salvation! It was awesome! She said that she hadnt had a lesson like that where she felt the spirit and understood it in over 2 years.. So right there it showed us that she is starting to progress.. She is awesome.... Olin Riley, who has a baptismal date for the 24th didnt come tochurch onsunday. Sad day, but we went over before church and got a commitment out of olin and his roomate to come to church! So this week a big focus for him will be to come to church and the book of mormon. We had a good meeting with the elders quorom president and is going to get the members of the church to help out with the work more. We go out with him like once a week. We have a huge list of people to see and find on the ward roster. It will be pretty fun.
I am glad that grandpa is doing better! I sure hope he keeps on recovering! Is brandon still living in eagar? I hope that uncle matt does super well onhis test this week! I know he is a super smart guy. He can do it. I am so excited for devan! Desert Edge is a good team. They have always been pretty good. But i know that WF can win. That would be so cool if WF went to state again.. and won. It sounds like that devan is doing pretty good as well. I am so happy for him. Football is something i sure miss a lot. Make sure he takes pictures with his friends after his games. I sure wish i had done that more often. Pictures make memories! So far for thanksgiving we have two meals to go to! But no turkey bowl... again... So my cleats wont be useed on that day ha. But it should be fun! This week Elder Perkins a 70 is coming to visit the mission. its a huge meeting from 9 to 5. I am excited and nervous haha. I hope that Dad has a great Birthday!!!! I sent his email this morning as well! I bet he wants to go out for chinese that night haha. I would too! I sure miss yall so much! I love you mom! I hope that this week will be great for you! I sure miss you so much! But i am loving my mission! I am learning so much as each week goes by! Sure love yall! Take care!
Love Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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