Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Week 59 -- Elder Perkins of the Seventy and answers to Prayer

Dad and Mom,

This week was pretty good. It was pretty busy with finding people, teaching, and the elder Perkins visit.
First off the visit from Elder Perkins was awesome. It is so neat to see General Authorities crack jokes and be themselves, when sometimes I think that they have to be all stern and hard core. When really they are not fake, they all are themselves. They are humble and definitely more than willing to do the Lord's work.
He said that his ancestors settled parts of the Arizona in the mountains. I thought that was pretty neat. His message was clear, and an answer to prayer… a good attitude and having faith that leads to action. I have learned so much these last 6 or more months on having a good attitude and being excited for the work. He talked on how we can gain faith that people will actually listen and accept our message. And when we gain that faith that we need to act on that. It was cool because that is exactly what I needed.   One of my favorite talks ever that I have found on my mission is by Elder Wirthlin "come what may and love it". It is amazing. It is how I look at my mission and definitely how I will look on life after.
Aubrey is doing well. We went over with Brother Dale, the Elder's Quorum President, and dropped of "our heritage" and the doctrine and covenants dvd with the church history stuff.  She came to church again without her husband, but only stayed for sacrament; which is better than not coming at all. But we are going to try to go see her sometime this week.
Jessica is doing alright. We went over last Monday night and taught a pretty legit lesson. It was very bold but loving.  She had a lot of her questions answered which is really good. But she didn’t come to church... again... But it's her husband Alex. Which I feel bad for him since his ex wife goes there, but its all good. The Lord will provide a way.
The weather has been crazy here. It will be colder than anything  and then be in the high 60's the next day. Today it’s about 55 and feels great. This week I am doing exchanges with the Lawrenceburg elders until Wednesday. They are below us down by the border of Alabama kind of. Actually there is a town call Pulaski and that is where the KKK originated.  Not a word I would use haha.
We have three families that invited us for Thanksgiving.  And they all have people who are not members of the church. SO it should be a great day, and its Elder Ahokava's first thanksgiving. It is going to be great.
It was so goood to see those pictures! It was good to see Skylar and all them. And Scott and Carlos with Devan. Carlos looks huge! Maybe i won’t tease him anymore when I get home. I am glad that Dad had a good birthday! I sent him a card last week; he should be getting it soon.

It is crazy to hear that there are ten wards in our stake. McMinnville was one ward with a 2 hour radius all around.  The south is just different than back west.  IT is its own country to be honest.  But I love Tennessee. I love to have this opportunity to be a missionary in Tennessee! I love my mission so much! Love you a lot. I miss you tons and am so thankful that I am your son. Know that you are a huge support to me in all I do. Have a great week and y’all be safe.

Love your son
Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

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