Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Week 62 -- Training, Transfers and Elder Nelson

This has been a crazy week as well down here in good old' Tennessee! First off, it was transfer week.  It  is already in the back of your mind if this will be the last week with your comp or in the area.. But it was a good week. We had a great District Meeting and Meeting with Elder Hymas (70) and Elder Russell M. Nelson!! It was so cool! I was shakin in my boots to shake his hand though!  Elder Freeze, a good friend of mine, as I was waiting in line to shake Elder Nelson's hand, grabs my hand and says "His Hands have touched Christ's... So watch out. Good Luck."  That didn't make it any better.  But it was so neat to see and hear from an Apostle! I noticed that General Authorities are just like us! Except the spirit is crazy strong in them! He taught a lot about opposition and why we go through hard things! The big thing that I got out of all that was said, was that the greatest gift we have is agency. And with our agency we have the choice to CHANGE our attitudes or perspectives and trials in life. Heavenly Father won’t just take them away from us. He will give us strength to CHANGE in order to come out successfully! Pretty sweet.
So this week was awesome because we set a date with Aubrey!! And her husband sat in on the lesson!! We met with Alex and Jessica twice this week! And then Jessica and Alex and their daughter Emma came to church!!! It was amazing! They loved it! They only stayed for sacrament, but she told us "baby steps". So we are so excited for them!!!   I don’t even remember what happened for the rest of the week! I was just so excited that Alex and Jessica came to church this week! They haven’t been in 4 years... So that is a HUGE step for them.
Yesterday we just went around and visited families we were close with. The Bradford’s, Alex and Jessica, The Travis', Morrow's, and some others.. I can’t believe that it is already another transfer... I saw Elder Rothlisberger at the Elder Nelson’s visit! He is at 20 months! He has 3 more transfers left... When I was with him he hit his year mark.. Time is flying!
Well transfer calls were this weekend... And I am super sad to say, Elder Ahokava is leaving me... He is going to Bowling Green!   I was super excited for him! I tell him all my favorite things and people there! And as for me..... I am training!!!   And District Leader in Columbia.   I never thought that I would train.  But I was called to do it and so I will with a smile!  I have no idea who my new comp is or where he is from.  So yeah! Exciting huh! Because I am training, I know I will be here at least another 3 months. And then I will be at 17 months! I can’t believe how fast it is going!  I love this work! I love being a missionary! I am so excited for what is coming up! I love y’all so so so so mucH! I miss y’all as well! Tell everyone I love them! Y’all take care!
Love Elder Vaughn Perkins

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