Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week 45 -- My 2nd Baptism

Howdy Y’all,
Well I am doing pretty well. This week was pretty rough but well worth it! I am trying not going to focus on the bad things, but at the beginning of the week it was pretty humid and the sisters needed the car so we let them have the car most the week. We did A LOT of just contacting and talking with people.. I may not be the best at contacting but I think there are better ways to get to teach people. But it's all good.
 We had a zone meeting this week and it was really good. I got to see Elder Hyde again and that was fun. The zone has set a goal to get 22 baptisms this month..... And we had our first one Saturday!!! Yeehhaww! It was great! Well... it was kind of scary at first because Diana totally missed her interview, but we were able to get her interviewed on Friday. Saturday I think I was a little stressed out because I wanted her baptism to be an amazing experience. And it was. It was a very spiritual experience. I was able to confirm her on Sunday. It was my first! I thought it went well.
I love a missionary's life is. It’s always on the go always changing. I think I have found my calling as a missionary. To get struggling missionaries to cheer up, man up, and work hard. Sometimes it’s hard for me but choose to be happy and lift my companion up.  It’s what the Lord wants me to do.
I am excited for this week.  One, we get the car, and two, its just going to be a great week. Michael is still on the go for getting baptized on the 25th. Last week I showed you some of the things he has been saying, and it has blown me away. This Gospel is truly changing this 21 year old boy’s life around. And I am so grateful for this opportunity to be on the Lord's errand to help his children come closer to Him. Michael is going through some tough times but I know through Jesus Christ and his atonement he can get through it all. And he knows that as well.

Well Elder Whitney, my new comp, is from California! He tells people he is from Modesto.  I know you and Dad lived around there so y’all might know where that is. He has red hair. He is hilarious. He is super old as a missionary. But I am going to make his last transfer a good hard working transfer. He already loves McMinnville and is way excited to serve here. I got him worked in when we went to visit Bro Smith. And he is a hoot. He raises goats and cows. He knows I want to raise cattle when I go home, so he gave us a tour on his 150 acre land. He has two dog herders and they are the coolest things ever! Bro Smith is amazing. He is too funny he said to come back because he needs some help on the farm. We might get Michael to come with us. That would be good for him.
So funny story I think I am one of like 5 missionaries who says yes sir no sir yes mam no mam. Or have manners at all. And these past couple weeks I have been getting lots of compliments about it. And I say that's the way I was raised. so thank you for that. Thank you for all your prayers. I honestly feel them each day. I am so thankful for my family. I have met sooooo many missionaries who complain about their family.  I got to get going but I love you so much. And miss you and the family so much! I am so grateful for all that you do for me. I hope y’all have a great week!
Love your son
Elder Vaughn Dee Perkins

P.S. The pictures shows that I am rubbing off on Elder Zinkand, he wants to be me ha!!

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